Beauty tip-Black heads cure through lemon peel and tomato


Food that is acidic in nature are quiet effective in curing black heads.Two fruits which are considered most effective are:-

Lemon Peel-By rubbing lemon peel on the face helps in removing blackheads and reduces greasiness of the face too.Those with oily skin can benefit the maximum with lemon peel.

Tomato-Tomato which too is acidic in nature helps in removing blackheads and tan.Just take a fresh tomato and cut it into quarters.Rub the piece of tomato over your face for few minutes and wash the face with warm water.You can do this every day.By rubbing tomato you will notice a instant glow and freshness on the face too.

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  1. i had normal skin ever since i remember but since past few months i am having an oily t zone..i think this tip will help a lot as nose area is a bi blackhead problem: )

  2. Ohh yaa tomato work wonder when it comes to T zone especially the oily T have u been sovina..not seeing many posts of yours?


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