Beauty tip-Easy way to get rid of black heads


Black head is an unpleasant reality which most us suffer from our teens to adult hood.I am sharing a simple remedy which has worked for me.Soak a chappathi/fulka in milk overnight .Make a paste of it in a grinder and apply the paste on your face.Rinse it in circular motion .Continue this remedy for several days and get rid of these small monsters.


  1. Thanks Tanveer,You can mix jajoba oil with green gram flour and apply on white heads…Use it as a scrubber.Oil will moisturize your skin and green gram flour will remove white head.I was suffering from this problem and when ever i used to get facial beautician would take it out with their small clip like thing.It worsen my skin.So please don't ask beautician to take them out with their instrument.I got rid of them through herbal remedies only.

  2. hi anamika good tip..i too have one remove black heads using egg tissue mask.. 1 egg (egg white)tissue /toilet paperapply one coat of egg all over face, before it dry, place tissue on face (u can make small pieces)after tissue is placed than apply another coat egg white to stick tissue.. leave it for about 15 min.. after it dry remove carefully without taring tissue paper..finally u can notice black /white heads on tissue..last but not least wash face , apply moisturizer…

  3. That is a great Mask..I wil surely try it …You are a blessing for me..such a great tips you have..Thank u so much..:)

  4. Herbalr emedies are always use ful it just you have to find the one which suits you the most:)i am glad i have found a friend in hyserabad who is so informative and knoweledgable:)


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