Beauty tip-How to protect skin from getting tanned when swimming

Swimming tans the skin and makes it dull.Below are some tips which will protect your skin from getting damaged from harsh rays of the sun.
*Apply sunscreen lotion with 30SPF or more.
*Take a scrub bath with soap and water as soon as you step out from the pool.Scrubs removes away the dead skin cells and slower down the process of tanning.
*Apply mashed papaya or banana on the skin regularly.This will reduce pigmentation .
*Apply lacto calamine lotion or a mild steroid to prevent your skin from getting damaged.
*Those who are suffering from chronic sun damage then oral antioxidants like vitamin C, Vitamin A or beta -carotene should be taken.
*A good night regime is very important when you swim.A night cream which contains lactic acid or glycolic acid reduces the effect of the sun on the skin.
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