Beauty tip-How to take out aloe vera gel easily

This tip was given to me by fellow blogger Sonia.This surely a great tip for me as I am some one who has included aloevera in daily part of my life.I drink aloevera juice , apply it on my face, hair  and use it every now and then too like on minor rashes or some skin allergies.
The tip is when ever you take out aloe vera gel pieces from the the leaf (after peeling the green part) grate the gel instead of using hand or mixer grinder to mash the gel.This way the gel will be of equal consistency and will be ready with in minutes for applying.

I am also compiling all the aloe vera post here so that it become easier for the readers to know more about this miracle plant.

Do you know how to take out aloevera gel easily?

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  1. Thanks Sonia..People will benefit for sure..thank for a wonder full tip..

    well it doesnt get that messy when you apply mayonaise or banana.if one can manage that then surely this too can be managed…

    How do u use aloevera?
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  2. Hi Mohini..I have not used the product therefore not sure about it..:(

    I use market based aloevera on my skin only and not on my hair so i m not sure…will try and find out..


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