Beauty tip – Pore Minimizer

By Manisha,                                   Minimizing pores
Hi Anamika,
                                                   Orange peel powder
I am sharing with you a face pack which always works for me when I see my pores opening up.Take orange peel powderr(Dry orange peel under the sun for 2 days and then powder them).I usually store them in winters and it last for a year easily.You can add few drops of rose water into the pack and apply it on your face for 20 minutes.Rinse it off with cold water.
This is my chemical free way of minimizing pores and improving complexion.Hope it helps wise she readers.      

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  1. i also do the same but while grinding the orange peel i also put few almond so that it gives me natural glow & also nourishes my skin. do add honey also as it will give you a nice shine on your face.

  2. wow.. this is the first time that i heard about this.. too bad, i almost ate up all our oranges.. but hmm, i'll be optimistic! there is still one left.. haha.. will try this soon! thanks for sharing!


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