Beauty tip to get rid of dark circles.


Massage under eye area with almond oil before going to the bed every day.This helps in reducing dark circles.You will see the difference with in 2-3 weeks if you follow this remedy regularly.


  1. Do u leave the oil on or should u wipe it after the massage?? i have bad dark circles:(sonalihtp://

  2. sleep for about 8 hours it also add on to benefit..hi if u want to hair to grow fast try to sleep more hours.. i had experienced and have seen difference, my hair had grown longer .. ok about eye lash- apply Vaseline before soing to bed.. leave it over night.. it conditions and help to grow lashes..

  3. Asha i too have heard about vaseline and i have used it too but people say it is justa myth as vaseline just moisturize..i am litle confused about it..sleep is related to hair growth…vooo that is really a great tip Asha..:)


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