Beauty tips for dry and crack(fissure) feets

Most of us spend hours in the malls with our heels on and land up having dehydrated feet.Long hours on heels begins to crack the feets and they starts painning too.In severe cases fissure leads to infection as well.
To get rid of the problem soak your feet in luke warm water and add 1/2 cup Epsom salt in it.Add any of your favourtie essential all and remove dead skin with the help of a pumic stone.It is hardly going to take10- 15 minuites.
Apply any foot cream of your choice or use shea butter which is an excellent moisturizer .Wear socks which are breathable for two three hours and get your beautiful feets again.
Contributed by Mansi Tiwari.If you have any beauty tips to share with us you can mail me at anamikasureka(at) gmail(dot) com.
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