Beauty Tips For Those Who Suffer From Blackheads Problem


The difference between blackhead and white heads is just that blackheads accompanies oily skin where as whiteheads can be present on oily as well as dry skin.

When ever excess oil clogged the pores of the skin blackheads get built up on the skin.There are various causes of blackheads and one of them is hormones which increase the natural production of oil in your skin causing more oil to build up in the pores.


Few precautionary tips for those who suffer from black heads are as follows:-

1.Use gentle cleanser on your oil prone skin .

2.Avoid using soaps as it is harsh on this skin and clog the pores too.

3.Limit the use of cosmetics which are creamy or greasy.

3.Exfoliating of your skin is very important as it eliminates the dead skin cells which causes blackheads .

4.Use clay mask twice a week and those that do not contain any artificial ingredients which can irritate the skin.

5.Take Lemon juice ,almond oil and glycerine in equal quantity and apply it on your face.Lemon juice will help in removing discoloration and will help in removing blackheads too.

6.Applying honey too lossen the blackheads .To know detail remedies to remove black heads click here.

7.You can use damp towel on your face too to get rid of them. To know about it click here.



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  1. thanks for the tips!! i have a oily T-zone and a recurring problem of blackheads…Could you help me with one great solution for blackheads that I can try out right now? I use a good face wash and apply rose water/herbal skin toner daily. Also I use besan ubatan 2-3 times a week on my face.

  2. Dear Swati, Oily skin is good in long run but acne, blackheads and white heads are its common problem…It seems from your regime that you are not exfoliating your skin .One of the best and easy thing which workd for me is take a small towel and soak it in warm water.Now when little cold put it on your face for few minutes.Just use this once a day every evening and wash your face off with cold water.It wil help you out.Also ,you can use tea tree oil which is availale in body shop on your acne and blakc heads.It works wonder but be careful in using it.Also use mild scrub on your face 2-3 times a week that is very important.You can use a cleanser too and clean your face with it twice or thrice a day.This will keep away the dirt from your face and will prevent the blackheads from occuring:)@Sugar-Thanks for liking my site and you are most welcome on it.Clindac gel should be used in consultation with the doctore and it helps in acne generally and not much in black heads.Yes a peal surely helps:)

  3. Thanks for your basic but great tips. I have never heard of the 5th tip and I will try this in a week. Could you please advise the amount of lemon juice, almond oil and glycerine in more detail? I am afraid applying too much lemon juice (its acid) will hurt my I have also shared your tips on my blog.

  4. ahhh!! black head are a big problem …specially on the nose area..thanks for the tips :)


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