4 Fantastic Beauty Tips While Travelling



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When I was flying, I practically lived out of a suitcase.I was out for more than 20 days a month and spent a lot of time in Hotels rather than at home. Obviously my beauty routine would take a hit as I inevitably would forget something behind at home.Then I saw some people using interesting ingredients to cleanse their face or body and I thought why not try. Also all these tips include items that are easily found in all kitchens.


Beauty Tips with Common Kitchen Items+natural beauty tips


Baking soda:

Well ,Baking soda is not just for baking. It actually is a very good exfoliator and when mixed with lemon makes a great teeth whitener

1)  Mix Baking Soda ( meetha soda) with water and honey to make an inexpensive but effective scrub. This scrub pulls out grime you did not you had !Extremely effective for treating blackheads and whiteheads. However,do not use is more than twice a month. Same applies to the feet! Use and see your feet sparkle!

2)  Baking soda mixed with lemon makes a great teeth whitener.Apply the mixture to your teeth leave for about 5 minutes and then rinse off. The teeth look whiter immidiately.

Dairy Whitener/Milk Powder:

Sounds strange ? Well ,it is not! Milk Powder is basically evaporated milk .. which when mixed with water to form a paste,makes the most amazing makeup remover. Again this is not to be used regularly. This is something that I have done on many trips and it has worked well.

Another trick that is a fav with most service industry people is rubbing a lemon slice on your hand and then apply milk or milk powder and scrub and rinse ! Hands become very soft and silky to touch . But this can make a mess in your sink as milk and lemon never mix well together with water ! So make sure you use only cold water to rinse ,otherwise milk will curdle in the sink.

Sugar and Coffee:

Coffee and sugar mixed together make a very good scrub. As this is available in all hotels and also in most homes,its easy to rustle up. Mix with water and scrub scrub scrub!

So what are your favorite beauty tricks??

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  1. Nice tips Shwe :yes: Now since evry1 is goin to try ur teeth whitening tip, Colgate visible white toothpaste sales r gonna go down big time 😉


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