Beauty Trend- Get The Glow With The Help Of Medi-Facials


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Medical science and beauty industry has come together with Medi-facial tretments. Yes ,You heard it right. These facial treatments are different from usual facial-clean ups .There are so many variants of Medi-facial, which is done by under the surveillance of Experts.


Medi facial means “A facial treatment by experts with the help of medical science”. These are said to be very effective for problematic skin or if you just want to add instant glow on to your skin which lasts really long. The best thing about these technique, their effectiveness and they are free from harmful skin chemicals like SLS and bleaching agents as well .Let’s know more about it.


Types of Medi-facial-

There are variety of Medi-facials are available according to your skin type and concerns. Some of very popular Medi-facial clean ups are Oxygen facial, Hydro-facial and AHA facial etc. These facial technique are great for matured skin . It slows down the ageing process and helps regenerate the collagen elasticity that gives a new life to dull and tired skin. During some facial sessions ,experts inject directly the Vit-C, glutathione and various anti oxidants with the help of Electro oration. Apart from this, another medi-facial technique Placenta facial is popular too, in which the expert use placenta of Australian sheep . Along with this unique technique, Dr. Obagi facial and Spanish Cosmolon facial is also hot in trend.



The most common fact of their popularity is ,their effectiveness.


If you are someone who has been suffering from major acne and scars, go for it under the expertise advice and get the glow and clear skin. It starts giving results within 2-3 sessions and you will able to get 80-90% with longevity of the results.


Some important notes-

  • Research for the best place to get these Medi-facials, beware from the fake facial kits.
  • Take an appointment, examine your skin and then go for the Medi-facial according to your ski type.
  • Go for a certified Dermatologist or skin expert, if someone offers you these facial session without any specialisation then don’t go for that.


  • Medi-facial are really costly but highly beneficial and gives you long lasting results, The packages of Medi-facials are available INR 3000-25000 in India.


  1. A very informative post…Can you name a few places in Mumbai where one can get such effective medi-facials done.
    As all I can see is facials and clean ups session done using facial kits at a very high price which i personally
    prefer to do it my self .


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