Beauty Trends of 2015


Beauty Trends of 2015

2015 has nearly come to an end and this year has seen a series of beauty trends which swayed or swiped us completely. Some we loved, some we liked and some we didn’t love/like at all. Beauty trends keep changing throughout the year but some of them are timeless too. So today I’ll be talking about the Beauty Trends of 2015. So let us see what came to the forefront of the fashion world this year.

Divergent liner

Though this look is a thing of last year, but it didn’t lose its awesome uniqueness even in 2015. Being a makeup lover, I fell in love with this look immediately. This eyeliner look makes your eyes look more elongated and larger. So? Good news for women who have small eyes.

diverent eyeliner

Bottom liner

This is my favorite go to eyeliner look. This is the sassiest and easiest way to wear your black liners on your waterline. Simply smudge a touch of kohl along your bottom lash lines, and then smear with your finger or brush. You can apply a touch of black eye shadow over the smudged kohl. Keep the top lids totally clean. This gives a sexy grunge look. It will help your eyes appear larger.

P.S. If you don’t want to have the smudged, grungy look then you can just draw a bold stroke of eyeliner.

bottom eyeliner

The Shag

Shag hairstyles are very popular right now. 2014 was the year of baby bob and 2015 is the year of the longer and chicer bobs; it was the year of the shag haircuts.

Wikipedia says, A shag cut is a hairstyle that has been layered to various lengths. It was created by the barber Paul McGregor. The layers are often feathered at the top and sides.


Rich hair color

Gone are the days of rough textured, colored hair. 2014 was the time to flaunt messy, textured hair and that too dyed in various colors. Pastel shades were hot favorite amongst the celebrities. Some flaunted platinum blondes too. But this year it was time for richer hues. Like richer browns, fierier reds, and more brilliant blondes. And highlights are also done using complementing shades instead of stark colors.

richer hues

Face Adhesives

2014 was a year of shimmering temporary tattoos the celebrities sported every now and then. I still wonder why? What made the shiny golden temporary tattoos so appealing? Celebrities and their fashion trends..!! Anyway, 2015 saw the sticker trend too, it is just that the stickers moved from the body to the face. Press on liners as they call, is a shiny golden strip of paper or fabric cut in shape of liners and stuck on upper lash line with adhesives. Beside these press on liners, sparkles and stars all over face is a thing of 2015 as well.

press on eyeliner

Red Revival

Red Revival, internet was stormed by this heading all over. And I was indeed very much happy with what was happening. In 2015, red lipstick made a big comeback. 2014 was a year of vibrant oranges, pretty pinks and fantastic fuchsias, but 2015 was truly a year of reds. Loved it’s comeback to the forefront of the fashion world.


Shiny lips

Matte lips are our ultimate favorite no doubt, but 2015 saw the revival of shiny lips too. By shiny it doesn’t mean super juicy looking, plump lips. You just need to have a healthy sheen and that’s it. Just dab some lip balm or apply a dot of your favorite lip gloss over your lipstick to nail the look.

Shiny lips

So which of the beauty trends are you including in your own beauty game?

Which of these trends appealed you most?

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