Beauty UK Baked Blush Box no.2 – Rose Rouge Review


Beauty UK Baked Blush Box no.2 – Rose Rouge

Beauty UK Baked Blush


About Beauty UK Baked Blush Box no.2 – Rose Rouge:-

 The beautyuk baked-box collection brings healthy, holiday-glow skin to the high street.

Capturing sun-baked summer bliss in 4 iridescent shades that highlight and define with a veil of subtle shimmer.

Complete with flip lid box and large mirror for ease of application.

  • Price: 3.99£. I bought it for around 500 INR online
  • Quantity: 4.4 g


Beauty UK Blush Box no.2

My views on Beauty UK Baked Blush Box no.2 – Rose Rouge :

I happened to find Beauty UK brand on goodlife a couple of months back. I am always on a lookout for new brands that are hard to find in India and seeing a cute blusher at a good price that too easily within my grasp was a bit hard to leave ;).

Packaging: I love the packaging. The box idea is really cute with the big mirror inside is fantastic for touch ups on the go! It is really easy to keep the product safe from damage in this type of magnetic closing case too. The packaging was the sole reason for me picking this blusher. The firm cardboard case looks attractive and unique.


Beauty UK Rose Rouge


Inside the box one finds the baked domed shaped blush. I love the idea of ‘baked’ products so always fall for them, especially when they have such lovely veining in them.

Shade: Rose Rouge in my eyes is a deep and a warm pink colored blush that adds a perfect pink flush on the cheeks when applied. On close application, one can see hues of orange-coral in the blush dome with not so prominent golden shimmers. On application and blending, a matte shade is what appears with a light sheen added to the color but nothing too prominent.


Beauty UK Baked Blush Rose Rouge


All in all, the shade would easily suit all skin tones. I pick up this blush when I require adding a light pink flush of color on my cheeks which looks truly flattering too.

Texture: The blush is highly pigmented and a single swipe of the brush picks a good amount of color. I just dust off the excess from the blush before applying on my cheeks. Once blended in, the shade becomes lighter so I prefer layering up the color twice on some occasions to build up the color nicely.

 Beauty UK Baked Blush Box no.2 – Rose Rouge Swatches:-


Beauty UK Rose Rouge HandSwatch


The texture is soft and a bit powdery and the blush flies around a lot when we try picking it up. Try applying lightly and blend in as excess may cause trouble while blending in the shade.

Longevity: The blush stays on for 5 hours on my normal to dry skin which is good enough. No problems of uneven fading or washing off the shade once it comes in contact with water.

What I like about Beauty UK Baked Blush Box no.2 – Rose Rouge :

  • Pretty color
  • Attractive packaging
  • Great pigmentation
  • Good staying power.
  • Soft texture that is easy to build up
  • Decent pricing

What I don’t like about Beauty UK Baked Blush Rose Rouge:

  • Availability.
  • A bit difficult to blend if excess is applied.

Ratings: 4.4/5

I love the shade and the cute packaging. These are surely a must try blushes from the brand so try getting them for sure.


Beauty UK Rose Rouge FOTDIt comes off more as a pink (with light hues of coral) on the cheeks

Have you tried Beauty UK Baked Blush Box no.2 – Rose Rouge ?


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