Beauty UK Lipstick #7 In the Buff Review, Swatches & FOTD


Beauty UK Lipstick #7 In the Buff

It has been long since I have reviewed a lipstick. I don’t know when I would end up buying lipsticks, but I guess it is part and parcel of me being a girl and that too a makeup lover. So here I’m today with a lipstick review. It is Beauty UK’s shade number 7 “In the buff”. Read on to find more.

Beauty UK Lipstick 7 Review

BEAUTY UK says:-

Leaving no shade unturned, our new collection of lipsticks in ‘wet’ or ‘Matte’ textures and an array of shades tempt you away from a predicable palette. The luxuriously moist formulation of the ‘wet’ collection leaves lips luscious and glossy with long lasting shine. Our ‘Matte’ formula gives a nourishing, long-lasting pop of colour that packs a punch! All formulated with a fresh and tasty minty flavour.

  • Price: £3.49 inc. VAT

Beauty UK In the buff

  • Packaging:The lipstick comes in a matte black case with the shade sample pot at the bottom, which when twisted off can be applied with a brush. The shade name written at base and the cutest thing is the white valentine printed on the case.
  • Shade:It is a gorgeous coral pink shade in the case, and transforms into an equally gorgeous vivid rose pink when applied on lips. It has a fresh minty fragrance. It is a very cool and every day shade, easy to carry and goes with every look.

Beauty UK Lipstick #7 In the Buff Swatches:-

BeautyUK In-the-Buff handswatch

I tried comparing it to somewhat similar shades that I have. Some came close, some though looks similar inside cases, are way different when swatched.

Beauty UK #7 comparison

The moist formulation makes it easy to glide on lips and there is no need of applying lip balm beneath. It glides on super easily on lips, and doesn’t feel heavy, giving a glossy sheen which looks beautiful and quite natural. It doesn’t settle on lines, nor does it bleed.

It has a decent colour payoff, I only need to swipe once for a good coverage. But the shade is build able too.

BeautyUK In-the-Buff

Staying Power:
It stayed on me for a decent 3hours after which it faded evenly, but the minty fragrance was still there.

BeautyUK In-the-Buff lipswatch

What I “like” and “Dislike” about Beauty UK’s “In the buff”:-

What I like about Beauty UK Lipstick #7 In the Buff:

  • Pretty pretty shade.
  • Creamy, smooth texture.
  • Silky finish.
  • Moisturising, great for dry lips.
  • Glides beautifully.
  • Doesn’t settle into lines.
  • Doesn’t bleed.
  • Good colour payoff.
  • Buildable.
  • Decent staying power.
  • Simple, yet chic packaging.
  • Pocket friendly.

What I don’t like about Beauty UK Lipstick #7 In the Buff:-

  • Availability in India.
  • Some may not like the minty fragrance and tingly feeling.

Would I repurchase Beauty UK Lipstick #7 In the Buff?
Yes, if I don’t find something better, and would like to get some more shades as well.

Would I recommend Beauty UK Lipstick #7 In the Buff to others?
Yes, Why not pick a shade so cute? It is just £3.5 after all…

Ratings: 4/5

Have you tried any of Beauty UK’s lipsticks, if so, which are your favourites??

Here is my picture with the lipstick on. I have applied the lipstick, a dash of kajal and nothing else, didn’t even comb my hair, please bare with it. 😀
Beauty UK In the buff FOTD

Have you tried Beauty UK Lipstick #7 In the Buff?

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  1. Hey Madhubani, sexy lip swatch. Your pic is cute but I’m not going to ‘bare’ with it, and yes u look more that ‘bear’able

    • nothing without kajal n the lippy, hair uncombed, wearing nightwear…it was 2am in the morn..and we roommates were busy experimenting different lippies.. 🙂
      crazy hostel nights 😀


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