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Hi Everyone,
I have just removed my mehendi and before the day gets over I wanted to share some pics and do my usual  random rambling about the BeBeautiful Vlogon meet which I attended this weekend.It was difficult to leave my daughter with her dad and go ahead with the meet but I did have a lot of fun with learning new stuff.

As I had to leave home at 4:30 in the morning I almost didn’t sleep whole night because of  my usual habit of packing last minute.Moment I reached the airport I clicked my picture as I had the makeup on .I knew by the time I will reach the venue, my eyes will be all tired and puffy because of no sleep at all. Anyways! I still survived and reach Hotel Grand Hyatt Mumbai which by the way is really Grand in their services.


bebeautiful blogger meet workshop


Before boarding ..This is what bloggers do all the time πŸ˜€


anamika sureka bebeautiful vlog



Everyone was given an hour to rest and freshen up and I literally slept all that time until I received a call from Ishani when she asked to immediately turn up for the program.


Blogger workshop India bebeautiful

I wasn’t even able to hang my clothes and I just rushed to the event.


Bebeautiful blogger meet India


At the event I met lot of fellow bloggers from Delhi and Mumbai .Jyo, Samyukta, Deeptima, Dolon , Ritu and few more who I don’t know much .You can check some of them out here πŸ™‚

Coming to the event which was organised by HUL where they had team from Google and Youtube who taught us few of the techniques of video blogging. Along with this there was Bumpy who taught us a few techniques of video blogging . We had a small reading session with Miss Ambika Anand as well which was not as impressive as I expected it to be .Also, in the end we all got into the team mode and did a mini video which was a lot of fun .

I loved the whole set up which was very feminine and apt for vlogging. I liked the thought which went behind setting up the set which shows that lot of effort was put up to make the event successful.


bebeautiful set up


Here is very stylish Ambika Ananad with her notes to read out πŸ™‚


ambika anand meet up vlogger


Look at this bedroom which was made for the event purpose only where one of the team was given this as their background.Quite cute na ?



There was a whole study presented over Youtube guru Michelle Phan who, if ever read this post, will be so happy to know that people in other continents have talked about her for hours.


Blogger workshop bebeautiful

People from Google tried their best to clarify all our queries.From the silliest questions like how to get adsense approved to technical stuff they answered all .

Day ended at 9 pm followed by dinner and drinks I went to my room and planned out for tomorrow with Wise She team members Shweta and Avanti and crashed out.

Next day was super fun. Shweta made me shop for 10.5k Whenever I asked her shall I buy this her answer was Yes!.Infact I also showed her how a maxi gown looked on me and then she too ended up buying it and we convinced Avanti also. We had a lot of fun , food , hugs and they gave me so much love and affection that there was never a moment when I felt that I am meeting them for the first time.

Internet world is so real which at some point of time I didn’t believe in. Those who love you here, love you outside as well and those who never liked you will never show affection when you get to meet them.

All in all I had fun filled knowledge-able , full-of-shopping event πŸ™‚

Special thanks to Edelman team for making this event a success.

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  1. :sigh: This is so amazing.. Now i know whr were u πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ seems like u had fun time Anamika Di… :))

    Y this kind of event never happen here in Kolkata :((
    Thanks for sharing :yes: :-*

  2. I like ambika anand a lot, i used to watch her shows on NDTV goodtimes, her show I am Sexy for my shoes, i just loved it, i hope i meet her one day

    • Yaa! She is surely sexy but not a good presenter i tell you.I was a big fan of her but this thing just turned my opinion altogether πŸ™‚

    • Well! it was all clothng haul Naf …so may be i will do some looks on the fashion blog πŸ™‚ And thanks for finding me hot πŸ˜€

  3. I loved ambika.. I watched every show of hers on ndtv good times.. You looking fab in both the pics.. You people had real fun.. Loved reading the entire post.. :-), happy Karwachauth..

    • Happy Karvachauth Megha…we guys had lot of fun especially meeting my team memebers πŸ™‚ ..Ambika is quite stylish although i didnt get the chance to speak to her…

  4. Ana, you look too pretty πŸ™‚ <3. I am dying to see what you bought :P, curious me πŸ˜‰
    Its great to meet friends in real :), hope you had a blast !


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