Bed Head Urban Anti+Dotes Recovery Shampoo Review


BED HEAD TIGI Urban Anti+Dotes Recovery Shampoo

Hello Everyone, Today I am going to review the Urban Antidotes shampoo for dry and damaged hair from the TIGI Bed And Head range.


BED HEAD TIGI urban anti+dotes recovery shampoo tube+shampoo review


About BED HEAD TIGI range:

The TIGI Bead And Head is a leading professional brand, which offers a range of Hair care and Styling products for Men and Women.The shampoo I am going to review is the RECOVERY Urban anti dotes shampoo for Dry Damaged And Coloured hair. The product claims to Cleanse, Hydrates dried-out strands, protects colour from fading, prevents pesky split ends, Created with 25% more moisture boosting ingredients, First aid for dry, damaged hair4x fewer breaks + 12x smoother hair = your hair’s best recovery plan*when using shampoo and conditioner vs. non-conditioning shampoo alone.

  • Price: Rs 756/-.You can buy it online.
  • Size: 250ml
  • Ingredients: Cocomidopropylbetaine – cleanses, conditions & thickens hairGuarhydroxypropyltrimonium chloride -smoothes cuticle Benzyl benzoate – detanglesCarbomer – maintains moisture balance for hair coping with changing environmental conditions Geraniol& linalool – protects from thermal & combing damage Glycoldistearate – helps support colour retention


BED HEAD TIGI urban anti+dotes recovery shampoo ingredients+hair care


  • Packing:It comes in a metro sexual electric blue colour tube. The shampoo is quiet runny and white in colour but has a very light blue shade to it. It has a mild fruity fragrance.

My Take on BED HEAD TIGI Urban Anti+Dotes Recovery Shampoo :


One day I landed up in Juice salon for a haircut and this is where I was introduced to this shampoo. While washing my hair the stylist started telling me my hair is dried and damaged and frizzy- Like I dint know :-P. My Hair has curls and waves in the end and is straight from the roots.

I told him that my hair remains good for only a day after wash , after that its back to normal, its soft but has no shine, that is because I wear  a helmet everyday while riding my scooty, I do cover my hair, but every time its not possible. So he told me that this shampoo is the best for your hair and even if you don’t use a conditioner it will keep your soft and shiny. With lot of hesitation I bought this from the salon. I used this shampoo regularly and I realized my hair was in the worst condition than before. It became dry; I got flakes and hair fall too. I was so annoyed at that stylist, if I meet him again he going to bear the brunt of handing over the wrong product.


BED HEAD TIGI urban anti+dotes recovery shampoo swatch+shampoo reviews


This is shampoo is not bad, but it really dint suit me as its more for those with coloured hair and those who lost shine due to colouring. I don’t have coloured hair, hence this product really had opposite results on my hair. This pinch of Rs 756 was too much for me. I have stopped using this regularly. I don’t the blame the product but I don’t like the way salons nag you and convince you to buy such products


What I like about BED HEAD TIGI Urban Anti+Dotes Recovery Shampoo:-


  •  It just made my hair soft
  • Mild fruity fragrance


What I don’t like about BED HEAD TIGI Urban Anti+Dotes Recovery Shampoo:-


  • Gives Dandruff
  • No shine
  • Does not wash off easily

Rating: 2/5

Would I recommend this Shampoo:

I will never ever use it gain, but those with coloured hair can give it try, the results might differ.

Have you tried BED HEAD TIGI Urban Anti+Dotes Recovery Shampoo for Dry Damaged and Coloured hair?




  1. i have tried Tigi super star sulphate free shampoo and it made by hair like cotton candy…some of these high end brands do nothing for your hair.


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