Bee pollen complex for anti-aging, Bee pollen, Royal Jelly and Propolis

 By Chita Sharma,                       Bee pollen complex benefits
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By the time we get 30+, many of us start looking for an anti-aging solution. I’ve been using Bee pollen complex from past 6 months and have observed some positive signs as a result. It’s one of the few supplements which provide anti-aging at a scientific level. It includes Bee pollen, Royal jelly and propolis. If you need a higher dose, you can also take them individually however I’m a bit too lazy for so many tablets.

Bee pollen: This is basically the pollen from flowers that’s collected from bees as they enter their hive. Nowadays, it’s also harvested by other means.
Royal Jelly: Also known as the bee’s milk, it’s a thick creamy substance produced by the young nurse worker bees.
Propolis: It’s a resinous substance in tree buds which is collected by the bees. The active ingredients of propolis are antioxidants called flavonoids.
Bee pollen complex helps in anti-aging in following ways

For dull and tired skin

 : As we grow older, our skin tends to lose its glow and looks tired. Studies have shown that Bee pollen can help with skin aging. Bee pollen actually stimulates growth of new human tissues and reduces the mortality rate of skin cells. Thus, you might be able to rejuvenate your facial tissues with Bee pollen.

For weight problems

Those who’ve faced it will know that with age, maintaining your body weight gets more and more difficult. You tend to continuously lose weight due to loss of appetite or gain it by eating too much and no work out. Bee pollen complex helps you boost your energy. When you feel energetic, you’ll naturally be more active and it will have a positive effect on your metabolism. If you need to reduce weight, you’ll feel like working out and if you need to gain weight, your physical activity will improve your appetite.

For lack of immunity

: It’s very easy to be healthy when we’re young. Our immune system offers good resistance to many bacterial diseases. With age, however, our immune system plunders and viral attacks and even common cold can be a problem. Bee pollen complex contains various anti-oxidants which are beneficial for countering allergies. Some flavonoids, like Bioflavonoid Rutin has been shown to assist White blood cells in fighting off the various viruses which we come in contact with. It also contains some anti-oxidants which act as anti-biotics and hence protect against bacterial infections. With these things, you’ll not find yourself falling sick easily.

I think Bee Pollen Complex is a great product for those tackling with age issues. The only thing I should warn is for people who’re allergic to bee products like honey etc. So, if you’re allergic to bee products, you should avoid it.
Chitra Sharma



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