Beeswax in Cosmetics – Wise She Cosmetic Dicitionary


Beeswax is mostly mis understood and is picturised as a heavy solid wax .This is incorrect because beeswax has very wonderful properties if it is used in the right way in skin care products.

bees wax in cosmetics

Some of the common products where Bees Wax is used are
1. Face Mask
2.Cellulite Creams
3.Hand and Foot creams
4, Moisturizing lotion
5. Lipstick and Lip Balms

People who suffer from acne can also use products containing bees wax as it has an irritation potential of zero.It infact comes with positive attributes such as healing, antiseptic, emollient and softening.
Few reasons why bees wax is used is cosmetics:-
1. It is a great emollient and support for moisturizers
2. Provides good consistency to oil and gels
3. Doesn’t provoke allergic reactions and is compatible with many cosmetic ingredients

Few products containing bees wax are:-
Fab India vitamin E moisturising cream (Product review)
Faces cosmetics – Faces velvet lipstick (product review, swatches and pictures)

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  1. Read in an article that it can be used to heal cracks. Wanted to give it to my grandmother. but i couldn't find /buy any.

    Will try asking in a candle ingredients shop 🙂


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