Beetroot- Beetroot Benefits, Nutrition and Recipes

By Prerna Sharma,
The scientific name for beet or beetroot is Beta vulgaris. Beetroot is a highly nutritious and has a variety of essential minerals and vitamins. It is very effective in cleansing and purification of the body and keeps the digestive system on track. It has a very positive impact on the functioning of kidney and gall bladder as well.

Let me tell u about its nutritional value of Beetroot

per 100gm of beet:-
Proteins- 1.61gm,
Calories- 43Kcal,
Carbohydrates- 9.56gm,
Fats-17gms, Vit;
Riboflavin- .04mg,
Vit B6- .067mg,
Vit C- 4.9mg
and lts of other minerals.

Health Benefits Of Eating Beetroots

Beetroot is an excellent source of iron, so we women should eat beetroot regularly to compensate our monthly loss of blood.
Beetroot juice helps maintain the elasticity of the body.
Beetroot possesses normalises blood pressure. That is it lower high blood pressure and elevates low blood pressure.
It contains an important amino acid, Betaine, which has significant anti-cancer properties. beet juice is very effectual in inhibiting the formation of cancer-causing compounds in the body and also protects it against colon or stomach cancer.
The cellulose content of beetroot facilitates bowel movements and fights constipation.
Beetroot juice, when coupled with carrot juice, is very effectual in combating gall bladder and kidney ailments. Its cleansing properties are very good.
The chlorine present in beetroot works as a detoxifying agent. It detoxifies the liver and also the entire system.
Beetroot is also a potent source for healing jaundice, hepatitis, food poisoning, diarrhoea and vomiting.
There is one Caution
Those who have a history of oxalate-containing kidney stones should regulate their consumption of beetroot.
Being very potent, beetroot juice should not be consumed in large quantities. Beginners should start with the juice of half of a medium-sized beetroot once a week. Gradually, the intake can be increased to one whole beetroot in a week.
Below is the picture of Beetroot sabzi Recipe  I made today. I want to share its quick recipe too:
1.    Wash and cut 2 beetroots and 2 potatoes into small cubes (cubes should be really small or they will take lot of time to soften)
2.    heat 2tps oil in a frying pan. Put kalonji, 2inch dalchini stick, chopped onion and 1-2 green chillies.
3.    Fry well and add cut vegetables, salt, turmeric, 1tsp lemon juice. Put the flame low, stir and close the lid.
4.    Stir occasionally and pour 2-3spoon water if it sticks to pan. After about 40-45min check if the beetroot has softened then put the flame off and sprinkle coriander leaves.

Also checkout the video

Do you know any other benefit of Beetroot?

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  1. actually i too have never tried it but since both the stains (of beet & pomegranate) are due to iron (red colored – ferous compound), this tip will work well for anar too..
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  2. Beet root is also a natural dye it's juice can be mixed to the regular henna powder for an auburn tinge in your hair. And, it is completely chemical free.
    To remove beet juice from fingers, rub with wet salt and lemon juice and then wash with soap and water.


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