Beetroot On Your Face For tThat Pinkish Glow


Beetroot is fantastic for your health, hair and skin too.You can mix beet root juice in the mehandi(heena) pack if you like to have that little reddish tone in your hair.

But for me beetroot is for skin .Whenever I cut beetroot for salad I keep  one large piece for myself. When I am done with salad cutting I rub the beetroot on my face for five ten minutes.
Rub it in a circular movement and wash it off with a face wash.It will take little time in washing of the beetroot color from you face as the color of the beetroot is quite strong.
You will see a beautiful glow on your face and if you have fair complexion then you will have that pinkish glow as well.

Beetroot also helps in giving you pinkish red lips .To read about it click here.

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  1. Hey, I can never get the color of the beet off my hands when I cook it, does it come off the face easily?Plus it does have the most lovely berry pink color. I wish someone would come up with a cream blush that color *sigh* 🙂

  2. It does require little effort but do comes off.Best would be to apply it before you go for your bath….Yes the beet root color is very preety and many people use it as a blusher..Our very own Shilpa Shetty uses it…see here have tried beetroot as a blusher and its looks wonderfull..Thanks for passing by Tanz..Loadsof loveAnamika

  3. Hmm..I was wondering the same thing as Tanveer…the colour ending up staining the face won't be very nice 😛 You do have great skin so I am tempted to try this though 🙂


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