Before you think of bleaching

No one wants facial hair and women have been using various way to hide them since ages.One of the most common method of removing facial hair is bleaching.Bleaching makes the facial hair look less visible and noticeable.
Facial bleaching has its own pros and cons and before using it one should give it a thought.


Advantages:-Before you think of bleaching:-

*The biggest advantage of bleaching is that it is not painfull at all when compared to a tweezer and a plucker.
*One do not have to take out time especially to bleach the hair.It can be done easily in a saloon or by your self with in 10 to 20 minutes and you can bleach the whole are at the same time.
*Easily affordable unlike many painful and risky measures.

Drawbacks:-Before you think of bleaching:-

*It can irritate the skin especially sensitive skin .If you feel any burning sensation wash the bleach off immediately .
*Some time it is painfull too.
*Bleaching helps generally those who have light colored hair.Dark colored hair people seldomly benefits from it.
*Bleaching is temporary and when the hair grows the real hair color can he easily seen which becomes little awkward.
If after reading above points you feel it is your thing then always go for a quality product.I have used Olivia and Shehnaz Husain Bleach Creams and both have helped me in removing my dead skin and lightens the color of my facial hair for long.


  1. I have till date used bleach on my face only once – had a horrible reaction. Entire face turned red and stayed that way for the next 24 hours. Now I only use this thing on my feet, as I wear open sandals and my feet tend to tan quickly.

  2. some of the beached like fem and all do give such reaction and if u r sensitive to this then it is better not to use it..u know once i and my cousion used fem bleach..she told me that her face is burning..nothing happend to my skin but her skin turned red..she started crying but thankfully it healed…it was such an experience..shehnaz cream is pretty much herbal ..i think it will suit u Tanz though it has the bleaching element.any way i don see any facial hair on yur face.also some people do get whole their face wax done..have u tried that?

  3. Thas great Gunjan if it works for u otherwise one can use natural remedies like eggs also to bleach there facial hair.

  4. ohh my gaawd..that is why it is said never to experiment before marriage…i can imagine how u must be feeling.Before marriage i use to take hours when I had to meet my husband and now i only take hours when i have to meet my friends..:D


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