Beginner guide of make up for women on the go

Whether one is a house wife or a working professional taking out time for your self is always given the last priority by the women. Life is so busy and hectic that many women either skip make up or perfect the art of applying the beauty cosmetics in less than 15 minutes.
Of course 15 minutes make up won’t give exceptional result but if one applies it carefully it still adds glow and charm to your face. Few quick make up application makes women look fresh and charming throughout the day.
Below are some tips for women who lead a hectic life but still want to use make up .
1.No matter if you have an hour or have 10 minutes with you, foundation is the first product to be applied .Foundation helps in concealing uneven skin coloring and thus makes the effect of makeup more pronounced .It is always better to pat the product on the skin rather than rubbing it on your skin.
If one is in hurry then avoid applying foundation on the entire face .It is better to apply the makeup foundation on the uneven patches rather than whole face to avoid looking messed up.
2. If you want to look awake instantly then eye makeup should be your focus. Eye makeup makes your eyes look brighter and bigger .The best product to use is mascara .Just apply it on your upper lashes and it will completely transform your eyes. It does not matter what color your eye lashes you have if you use black mascara. If you further want to elaborate your makeup then apply eyeliner and eye shadow as well.
3. Use blusher to high light your cheek bones by using a medium brush .Lightly pick up the powder and use light stokes to blend upwards towards the temples.
4. Always take care of the color of the makeup foundation and blush. For a regular look choose blush color that matches the inner portion of your lips .Foundation shade should be near to your skin shade.
5.Always start applying lipstick from the center of the upper as well as lower lips and press your lips so that you can rub the lipstick together .Rubbing helps in even out the color .You can use your little finger to apply more color on the lipstick this will control the amount of color which you will use. Applying second coating makes the lipstick last for a long time.
By following five steps your make up is complete .You can go to your office or go out with your kids in the park or at a friend’s place. Above five steps won’t take much time but will make you feel much more confident and beautiful about yourself.
Do not forget to practice make up. Few days routine practice makes one rote learn the techniques.
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