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Hi all.

I love my colours and have amassed a huge collection of colour cosmetics. Infact when people visit my home and accidentally see my vanity they go in to shock lol. However, In reality if you see need vs want,there a few items that any girl or lady absolutely needs. Everything else is optional! But I do see a lot of queries coming in on what are the basic makeup items that girl should have.In this post I have tried to include things that will take you through any and every occasion/event/work/college etc. Read on:


A guide to a Basic Makeup kit_Foundation+makeup kits


Foundation: First up , if you have clear skin , kudos.. dont buy foundation if you dont need it. A light sweep of BB cream or TM and you topped with compact and you are set to do your face. However if you have blemishes, dark circles or any sort of marks on your skin, its very important to mask them with a concealer .

Kohl pencil is probably the first thing all Indian girls use  and with good reason. Kohl pencil instantly lifts the face and make eyes look alluring and attractive. However invest in a smudge proof one . Kyolan Ikonic gel liner pencil and Lakme Eyeconic are good options.


A guide to a Basic Makeup kit_Mascara+makeup kit


Mascara: Its amazing what mascara can do ! Mascara darkens and lengthens the lashes and gives a wide eyed look to the face, Who doesnt want that right?I nfact i know some people who will not step out of the house without mascara even if they have no other makeup on.Invest in a black and a clear mascara .Clear mascara can be used to keep brows in shape and is a great option for college going girls where a black a mascara may look too done up! One rarely sees Kareena Kapoor without kajal, mascara and lip gloss

Nude lipgloss: A nude shimmery lipgloss goes a long way in any makeup kit. Its one of those products that one can use without thinking. Its perfect for a polished look at work or for toning down a very dark lipstick or with smokey eyes!


A guide to a Basic Makeup kit_Blush+makeup ideas

Blushes in Peach and coral: Peach and Coral are two shades that work across a variety of skin tones. A peach blush can add warmth to the face and a coral blush adds instant freshness. A blush is a highly underrated product , but nothing can give one that totally polished look without a hint of color on your cheeks.

A guide to a Basic Makeup kit_Lipstick+best makeup


Lipsticks in peach,coral and pink: These three colours match with most outfits and also instantly brighten up the face However , be sure to pick up the right shade of lipstick for your skin tone or it may wash you out totally !

Makeup Remover: Last but not the least, Please remove your makeup well and look after your skin. No amount of makeup can mask bad skin!

Once you have these essentials, you can play with colors and textures and decide what suits you the best and build you collection from there.


What would you consider as your makeup essentials?


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  1. lovely post shweta :-)) its lyk bible of makeup guide :yes: my makeup essentials include maybelline bb stick, mascara and lippy 😀

  2. i am beginner, i want to buy foundation and i went to mac store, but the mua said i dnt need foundation, i cnt undrstnd y.. ?:-) , listening to that my husband always u dnt need it, so i cnt buy..but i wnt it 🙁

    • Sravanthi.. If u dont beed foundation dont buy it.. Instead go for a tinted moisturiser or a bb cream.. They give a veru natural look

  3. Very useful post Shweta 🙂 :hug-makeup: . I have a few things missing. I will for sure get them soon :yes:

  4. Nice post Shwetha :yes: I’ve been hunting high and low for a good nude gloss without shimmer. Please suggestive few na (other than colorbar natural tan) 🙂

  5. Hehe thts top of my list! Thas the one i use.. However u can try colorbar ‘ chai’ also baf and i think maybelline has a few as well

    • Maybelline has gorgeous nude glosses in d colorsensational range..check it out naf..m sure ul find d right nude gloss fr u 🙂

      • yea maybelline colorsensational totally toffee is good. I have one from the water shine gloss range too. But hoping to try other brands 🙂 Preferably one with cute packaging :cute:

  6. Shweta, can you please suggest brushes that we generally use for beginners ? I know there has been a comprehensive post already. But i would like to know a pack which fits basic requirements 🙂
    Aaah n yes, is easily available in India 😛

    • Vega are horrible.I know we have started our journey with them but i think there is no point using them when better options are available now.

      • i guess vega changed their quality. I have vega brushes that i purchased more than 10 years ago n they’re not too bad. But the ones we get now are not the same i believe

    • I hate vega…i started wid them n dey r soo scratchy..altho d premium range is supp better but at dat price id rather get colorbar or faces.. 🙂 😉

  7. Thanks for sharing Shweta it is perfect guide for ppl like me who rarely use makeup. Pls suggest what can one do to conceal dark circles on a everyday basis without making it look very obvious and also whats the best way to stop skin from sweating and washing away the makeup. pls suggest.


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