Ben Nye Powder Cheek Rouge Blush DR-9 ‘Dark Tech’ Review & Swatches


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Today I am going to review Ben nye powder rouge blush in shade Dark tech. This is going to be the first review in the entire blogging world on this shade, so am very happy for that as it will help many people to decide and purchase products from Ben nye which has become one of my favorite brands.

Ben Nye Powder Cheek Rouge Blush DR-9 Dark Tech Review+blusher

About Ben Nye Powder Cheek Rouge Blush DR-9 Dark Tech:-

Add charm and glow to your beauty with the Powder cheek rouge blush from Ben Nye. You get a natural glow on applying this Ben Nye face blush lightly. The Tocopheryl Acetate – a skin sensitizer in this Ben Nye face makeup, protects your skin from ultraviolet damage. The Isostearyl Neopentanoate present in this Ben Nye face blush acts as a lubricant to give you soft and smooth skin. The Powder cheek rouge blush contains titanium dioxide, a sunscreen, saves you from harmful UV rays. You can condition and moisturize your skin with the Stearorl Stearate in this Ben Nye face makeup. As per the brand, you get glowing, youthful and healthy skin with the Powder cheek rouge blush.

  • Price: Rs 450 for 3.5 Grams

Powder Rouge

My Take On Ben NYE Powder Cheek Rouge Blush DR -9:-

I was never aware of the amazing Ben nye powder rouge and cream rouge blushers range earlier. I had read many good reviews regarding Ben nye luxury visage Banana powder, but before ordering it I checked the range of Ben nye and saw their online catalogue. Seriously guys I went crazy seeing their range especially the foundation, eye shadow and blusher range. I liked those so much that even without reading the reviews I ordered Ben nye cream blush coral, powder blush Dark Tech and Ben nye banana setting powder from the very lovely Erica singh, owner of Facebook online store Beautyholic. I must tell you guys I totally loved their products and intend to purchase more from this brand in coming days.

Ben Nye Powder Cheek Rouge Blush DR-9 Dark Tech Review Product Pan+ben nye

  • Packaging: Ben nye powder rouge blushers come in rubberized coated plastic pan like packaging with the shade name and ingredient list mentioned at the bottom on the pan. I really loved the packaging especially the rubberized coating because it will impart added safety to the blush and thus will prevent it from breakage while traveling.

Ben Nye Powder Cheek Rouge Blush DR-9 Dark Tech Review Package Lock+ben nye palette


  • Shade: ‘Dark Tech’ is a lovely unique tomato reddish orange blush. I don’t think I have ever seen such a unique shade anywhere in any brand, not easily dupable. It will suit Indian skin tones especially the dusky beauties. Brides prefer wearing pink blushers but I think I am going to sport such lovely tomato orange blusher shade in my marriage.  😀

Ben Nye Powder Cheek Rouge Blush DR-9 Dark Tech Review Ingredients+best blush

  • Texture & Finish: It has satin matte finish with velvety soft silk like texture. I really loved the texture as it is soft but firm and won’t lead to product wastage while picking up the shade with brush. This blusher blends effortlessly over a make up base and you need a light hand while using it. However on very dry flaky skin, this may get bit streaky.

Ben Nye Powder Cheek Rouge Blush DR-9 ‘Dark Tech’Swatches:-

Ben Nye Powder Cheek Rouge Blush DR-9 Dark Tech Review Hand Swatch+cosmetic powder

  • Pigmentation & Staying Power: This shade is intensely rather I will say is insanely pigmented. I would not suggest this blusher to the beginners, because it is very easy to go overboard with this shade. You really need to be very careful while applying it. When I applied this for the first time, I want to admit that my cheeks looked tomato red kind, I liked it :-p but definitely could not wear it like this to my workplace. So I had to be very careful and learn techniques to use it.

Ben Nye Powder Cheek Rouge Blush DR-9 Dark Tech Review Blended Hand Swatch+ben nye make up

It has incredibly high staying power which I have never seen with any blusher till date. I used it during daytime and it stayed on me for the whole day till evening over a foundation. I did not remove the swatches that you can see on my hand and these swatches stayed as such for more than 24 hours. I was soo surprised seeing them on my hand as it is.

What I liked about Ben Nye Powder Cheek Rouge Blush DR-9 ‘Dark Tech’?

  • -Dark tech is a unique tomato reddish orange shade, not easily dupable.
  • -Considering the amount required each time this blush will last for a long time.
  • -It has velvety soft but firm texture and thus does not lead to product wastage.
  • -It blends nicely on my skin over a makeup base.
  • -It has soft matte finish and ideal for wearing to your workplace.
  • -More than 30 shades are available in this range.
  • -This blusher is intensely pigmented.
  • -Its staying power is very high, its stays on my cheeks till I do not remove it with a makeup remover.
  • -Its suitable for medium to dusky skin tones, it will look flattering on Indian tones.
  • -The plastic pan is rubberized coated which ensures better safety.
  • -Ingredient list mentioned at the back of the pan.

What I did not like about Ben Nye Powder Cheek Rouge Blush DR-9 ‘Dark Tech’?

  • -Its not easily available, you can get these products at selected cosmetic stores.
  • -It contains Parabens that too in all kinds. ( methyl, butyl, ethyl, propyl)  uffff so many.
  • -Quantity is 3.5 grams for 450 bucks so it is pretty costly.
  • -They can get streaky on dry flaky skin.


  • Packaging: 4.25 out of 5
  • Pigmentation: 5 out of 5
  • Staying power: 5 out of 5 (I wish to give more)  :-p
  • Availability: 2.5 out of 5
  • Price vs Quality: 4.5 out of 5

Overall Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? Definitely I am going to purchase more but in different shades.

My Overall Recommendation: Ben Nye Powder cheek rouge blush in ‘Dark tech’ is a unique tomato reddish orange blush with soft matte finish and velvety soft texture. There are more than 30 shades in this range with similar finish. This shade is unique and not easily dupable. It is suitable for wheatish to dusky skin tone beauties. It is intensely pigmented with very high staying power. Except its availability and ingredient list, I do not have any issues with these blushers.

Have you tried Ben Nye Powder Cheek Rouge Blush DR-9 ?

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  1. Will this look like peach when blended out on fair skin!!!! hmmm… imagining….imagining….!!!! Cannot really figure out from my imagination….the first swatch (not blended one) looks so neat though it is a powder blush.

    • Hi dear, it will be a peachy tomato orange color on fair skin, very flattering shade this is, i used it on one of my friends before her marriage just for trial like how it would look on fair skin, she liked it sooo much ki she all the time asks me where can i buy blushers n all :p she was not aware of blushers earlier

  2. Thanx for the mention..Taps! BN products r indeed amazing.. i have to go soon n buy the banana powder n m surely picking up this blush.. loooks ah-mazinggg n prettty unique :inlove: :lipstick: :hug-makeup:

    • You are always welocome dear, its becoz of u I could use this brand, and I am impressed with it quality, these are damn gorgeous, i liked banana powder too

  3. Pretty colour. I was wondering what the actress in ‘Jayantabhai ki lovestory’ was wearing. From the swatch it looks very similer to her peach cheeks.

  4. It’s actually fairly inexpensive(8-10 USD). Because Ben Nye is a mainly a theatrical/ show business makeup company, you will often find their products on theatre makeup retailers and websites such as or stagemakeuponline.

    I recommend vintage rose for almost any skin type. 🙂


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