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Benefit Fine One One 

Me: There is an emergency!! Help Help!!Someone please get me the emergency helpline!!

Random: Ok, getting NINE ONE ONE (911)  

Me:  No! No! It’s FINE ONE ONE.

Random: You will be fine madam. Let me get 911

Me: No! No! It can only be FINE ONE ONE.

Random: (Stern look on the face) What is the emergency madam?

Me:  I need to lift, shape and pop my complexion immediately.

Random rolls eyes and thinks I am the random one 😛


BENEFIT Fine One One Review Package+beauty products reviews


BENEFIT Fine One One Review Details on package+cream blush


What’s our super quick 2-3 mins makeup routine?? Dab on the favourite lipstick/ gloss? A kohl or blush to add on maybe.


BENEFIT Fine One One Review+lip tint


FINE ONE ONE is the 3 in 1 Cheek and Lip color. Like benefit calls it “Double Duty Beauty”. It’s a super time saver; all you need is just a minute or two for giving your complexion the perfect lift, shape and pop of color. There are 3 colors on the stick namely Pink Champagne, Watermelon Sheer Coral .


Review BENEFIT Fine One One+benefitcosmetics


Pink Champagne – (Facelift / dewy look) is the highlighter shade.


BENEFIT Fine One One Review 3 in 1 Cheek and Lip color Closeup+lip products

Watermelon – (POP of color) – is the blush shade.

BENEFIT Fine One One Review Color Tube+cosmetics reviews


Sheer Coral – (lift the face) – is the yellow undertone shade. Apt for the shaping of the cheeks. Wouldn’t work as a contourer but definitely add the dash of coral to the skin.


BENEFIT Fine One One Review Color Product+cream blushes


It’s comes in lovely packaging in metallic rose gold which looks like a deodorant stick. We can roll it up. The rose gold packaging is very attractive. It looks like the NYC Police Badge that they show in Hollywood movies :-). The deodorant stick like functionality is very travel friendly and handy.


BENEFIT Fine One One Review 3 in 1 Cheek and Lip color+tint lips


The double duty beauty works wow on the cheek and lips. For the cheek you need to just swipe the stick with highlighter color on top (stick held vertically) once on the apple of the cheek and blend away. You would swipe twice to build up the color. For the lip the stick has to held horizontally and rubbed all over the lips in a horizontal motion. You may also dab the highlighter end in the centre of your top and lower lips for the instant full lips.


Benefit Fine One One Swatches:-


BENEFIT Fine One One Review Hand Swatch+blush reviews


When blended the color is coralish, pinkish with a lot of shine. It’s a sure shot formula to no makeup, makeup look. It leaves behind this pop of color that saves you from the washed out pale look. Its very natural. Brightens the face in seconds. You can dupe people by saying you were born like this. With the cheeks stain you will look like you are in love and your lips are just bitten 😉


BENEFIT Fine One One Review 3 in 1 Cheek and Lip color Blended Hand Swatch+benefits makeup


The formula is cream to powder. It’s extremely smooth on the skin. Works for both dry and oily skin. When initially applied its creamy, which makes blending easy. Slowly once it starts setting in its turns powdery and settles on your skin. It stays on the cheek for a good 6-7 hours with a good base. Without the base and now that its humid out here it last for about 3-4 hours on me. On the lips it stays till you avoid extensive eating, drinking or smooching 😛


BENEFIT Fine One One Review 3 in 1 Cheek and Lip color information leaf+makeup benefit


What I like about Benefit Fine One One :-


  • Innovative, break through, cult product.
  • Amazing combination of color. No other color combo would give this natural effect.
  • Texture. Smooth to the T.
  • Formula, creamy to powder is wonderful of all skin types and works very well for blending and staying on.
  • Packaging, very very attractive. Travel friendly. I will just carry this around. I need nothing else in my daily hand bag.


What I don’t like about Benefit Fine One One:-


  • I am in love people!! How can I not like something in this?
  • I would say price too. MAC Blush + MAC Lipstick = Expensive than this is J
  • The only thing I wish is that it stayed a little longer. In my head maybe I am comparing it with my Posietint. Unfair I know, but wishful thinking.


  • Overall rating: 5/5
  • Price: USD 32.5 (Its USD 30 online)
  • Where I got it from: Macy’s, San Francisco, California, USA

This is how it looks on me:

Wearing it on Garnier BB Cream. No Foundation. Picture taken after about 2 hours of application. In the 2 hours I drove from place A to B at 3 in the noon. And you know the heat in Mumbai. You do the math now.

 BENEFIT Fine One One Review FOTD+benefit beauty


BENEFIT Fine One One Review Face+benefit porefessional


Have you tried Benefit Fine One One ?


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    • Hehehe.. Its is so , anybody. I am amazed how well is this thought of. It suits all skin type dry or oily coz its cream to powder texture. Fair to dark skin , as it has the pink for fair and coral for the dark skin.
      Its a revolutionary product.

  1. This is ammmmazing! :inlove: The color combo couldn’t get any prettier. N it looks so natural on ur lovely skin tone Avanti :yes: :-))

  2. Bo….do u know how J I am right now?? Like greeeennnn..all the shades blinking one by one…..I WANTTTTT this!!!! Blushhhhh…


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