Benefit Perfect 10 Bronzing & Highlighting Face Powder Duo Review


Post By Zara,              Highlighting and contouring the face with Benefit Perfect 10 Bronzing & Highlighting Face Powder

Hi All,

Today I will be reviewing the Benefit Perfect 10 Bronzing & Highlighting Face Powder Duo. I got this about 3 months earlier out of sheer curiosity and think this is the right time to review it 🙂 🙂

Benefit Perfect 10 Bronzing & Highlighting Face Powder Duo Review

    •  Benefit Powder – Be a perfect 10 ! for a sultry , sexy glow, sweep this duo of sensual & naughty bronze powder over yourcomplexion,anywhere! we won’t tell.(acoid eye area)
    • Price:  Approx $28
    • Quantity: 10g (5gs each)
    • Ingredients


Instruction for Use:How To use Benefit Perfect 10 Bronzing & Highlighting Face Powder Duo

Bronzing Powder Compact Benefit

My experience with Benefit Perfect 10 Bronzing & Highlighting Face Powder Duo


  • Packaging: This bronzer-highlighter duo comes in a nice thick cardboard box packaging. Both the shades are together in a single pan as opposed to being separated in 2 pans. It comes along with a brush (as seen below) and an instruction booklet (shown above). As with all Benefit brushes, I find this one also very harsh but I have to admit its very useful to apply both in one go.

Benefit Perfect 10 Bronzing & Highlighting Face Powder Duo  Brush

  • Staying Power: The staying power of this is pretty satisfactory. Initially on application, one would be able to see a lovely sheen on the face thanks to the tiny shimmer particles. Within 1.5-2hrs, the shimmer fades off from the highlighter. This doesn’t look bad, but I personally feel it takes away from the entire look.
  • Ease of Usage: Yes, this duo is really easy to use and newbies to contouring will definitely find this a boon. Good for beginners and gr8 for experts as well.
  • Cost & Availability: This is pretty expensive for a bronzer/highlighter combo but I do think its worth it considering the amount of product you get and the quality. Of the product. Its not available in India though, so one would have to contact our relatives & friends abroad for this beauty.
  • Texture & Pigmentation: At first sight, this duo tends to look like a huge shimmer block. I did think that on swatching I would get nothing but dense shimmer. But that’s not so. Both these shades are well pigmented and does give off good solid colors.



Benefit Perfect 10 Bronzing & Highlighting Face Powder Duo

My take on the product: 

I use this during parties or night outings. Its gives a fantastic golden sheen to my cheekbones and makes them look well sculpted which is a look I die for thanks to my chubby cheeks 🙂

I use this with my ‘V’ Brush so that I can blend well and get the perfect contoured look. How would you wear this?


Swatches of Benefit Perfect 10 Bronzing & Highlighting Face Powder 

Benefit Perfect 10 Bronzing & Highlighting Face Powder Duo swatches


What I like about Benefit Perfect 10 Bronzing & Highlighting Face Powder Duo

  • Good Pigmentation
  • Good to get the perfect sculpted cheeks
  • Texture is very light and easy to spread.
  • The packaging is very sturdy, and travel friendly.
  • Decent staying power. The shimmer may fade in 3hrs or so, but the hint of color always remains.
  • A lot of product for the cost.


 What I did not like about Benefit Perfect 10Bronzing & Highlighting Face Powder Duo

  • Wish it had a mirror
  • Not available in India
  •  Would I buy this again: All in all this is a nice product and good to buy when on offer and if you like the sculpted gold look 🙂 But now I’m on the look out for a a nice brown toned bronzer with a tad bit of shimmer.

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  1. yep..i had 1 zara…me had the lakme wala…no access to all these brands..;((
    having my pg classes, a bit into it..i’m totally loving this product :-* :-* :-*

    • I feel the same way T..We don’t have anything like this..atleast not that I’ve seen..Wud save us the effort of hunting.. 🙁

  2. Zara are you on a shopping spree or what….. ?:-)
    Very nice review 🙂 :drool: i like the colors and the idea of putting both together….
    stop tempting us….. :smug:

    • Hi Misha! Nahi re..this stuff I’ve had for a while just thought of reviewing 🙂 🙂

      Yep, the colors r really nice and look amazing when applied..

      Abhi uv tempted with NOTDs…to even I’ll hav t tempt with something na 😉

    • Haha! No cheapness dear..even i wud b the same.. 😉 I honestly haven’t seen this concept of bronzer/highlighter duos here in our local brands here..or maybe m mistaken…Maybe A wud know…She’s the Makeup Guru.. 🙂

  3. This looks good, it is quite unique but I don’t know if I need soo much of this thing and you can actually get Benefit in India, you can order through their website.

  4. they ship to india? When i checked on their site i got the info that they ship to Australia, Korea, etc etc..but india wasnt mentioned so i discarded the idea…have they strtd shipping t india too? 🙂 🙂


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