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By Zara,               Benefit Powder Blush – Benefit Powder Pop! Blush

Hi All,

Today I will be reviewing the Benefit Powder Pop Blush which was the first ever thing I bought from Benefit. I had read innumerable reviews on Benefit blushes but because of the high price of these blushes, I was a bit scared to give it try. I honestly didn’t think it would be worth it. So when I came across this trio which contained 3 of Benefit’s most loved blushes, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out. And ga’s, trust me, this is one purchase I can never regret.

Benefit Powder Pop! Blush Review

Product Description:Powder Pop! by Benefit is a box filled with 5g each of three of its most popular face powders – Hoola, Dallas and Dandelion. For those that can’t make up their mind which one to try, this is the perfect solution.

Benefit Powder pop 3-in-1 Face Powder Kit Includes:

  • · 5gms Dandelion powder – this beautiful coral-pink cheek powder is the tropical blush for a coral flush.

  • · 5gms Hoola powder – bronzer without a trace of orange undertones or shimmer gives your face a very natural-looking bronze.

  • · 5gms Dallas powder – the “outdoor glow for the indoor gal,” this face powder is a perfect balance of rose blush with a slight hint of bronze.

  • · Face brush – with natural, soft bristles, this brush fits into the box and measures approx. 1-1/4″L x 1-1/8″W x 3/8″H.
  • Price: $28


Benefit Blush + Benefit Powder Pop! Blush Review

Now a small description about each of the shades:

  • Dallas: It has a soft and light texture, waterproof essence, fashionable and elegant suitable for different complexions. The powder blusher is a waterproof and sunscreen product, which is full with vitamins and other essences with fragrance but produced without any hazardous substance which could harm your health. This is also the winner of 2008 Brides Magazine Beauty Awards “best bronzer/blush”

Why we love it:

For a natural,fresh glow lightly sweep this dusty sunset plum powder across cheekbones and chin, or anyhwere you want look to linger.

Hoola : A healthy tan without airfare. Bring the warm tan of the islands to your face and spirits with Hoola. The soft bronze powder leaves a healthy tan on even the palest of winter complexions. With a lush, fanciful brush, the sun dust sways across your skin like a warm summer breeze. It’s sun with style that’s completely gorgeous!

Why we love it:

Dust this soft bronze powder over your complexion for a healthy, natural looking “tan” year-round. No tanning bed necessary!

Dandelion: This classic ballerina pink finishing powder takes your complexion from dull to radiant in an instant…a celeb fave! Sweep the brush across the powder a few times, then tap off any excess. Brush lightly on to the apples of your cheeks in an outward motion. For the final touch, lightly brush all over your complexion.

Why we love it:

To perk up throughout the day, dust on cheeks or all over complexion.


Benefit Makeup +Benefit powder blush


My experience with Benefit Pop!Blush


  • Packaging: This trio comes in their much loved sturdy, cardboard box packaging. You can see in the pic how its been divided into 4 parts, for each of the 3 powders and  1 for the brush. The brush is not very useful and I find it very harsh. I use my normal blush brushes to apply this. The lid is my only hated-point for this trio since it has to be slid off to use and this can lead to accident and breakage of the blush if one is not careful.
  • Texture & Pigmentation: The powders are very soft and easy to use. I just swirl my brush once in the pan and thats enough to be used. Pigmentation is very good and none of the powders come off as chalky or heavy on the face.Infact, the powders are so well pigmented that I hardly need to use too much of this. As you can see from pics, only Hoola has a bit of a dent in it even though I’ve been using this trio on and off for 5months now.
  • Staying Power: Dallas and Hoola have a very long staying power of approx. 5-6hrs. However, Dandelion doesn’t seem to stay too long which may be attributed to the fact that its a very light shade to begin with. So even any slight fading seems like its no longer on my cheeks.

Benefits products+Banefit makeup

How I use Benefit Pop!Blush

  • I love Hoola and its been my best-est 😉 bronzer for a while now. I apply Hoola to my cheeks first to emphasize my cheekbones, after which I follow with a dusting of Dandelion. The combination works perfectly to contour and ‘slim’ my face.
  • Dandelion can also be used as a blush to instantly brighten up your face. I use this alone whenever I feel I look dull.
  • I use Dallas as a blush and love the instant glow it gives me. It doesn’t look OTT and can be layered to give you your desired look.

Swatches of Benefit Powder Pop! Blush


Benefit Powder Pop! Blush Swatches


What I like about Benefit Pop!Blush

  • Good staying power
  • Pigmentation is gr8.
  • Pocket friendly in the sense that You get 3 shades for the price of 1
  • Good for those who want to try out Benefit for the first time and don’t know which powder to pick.
  • Texture is light and soft.
  • The packaging is very sturdy, sleek and easy to carry around.
  • Good staying power. I wore it at 8am and when I came home at 6pm, it was still there (just a bit faded).
  • A lot of product for the cost.  (8gms)


What I do not like about Benefit Pop!Blush

  • Wish it had a mirror
  • It would have been nice if the lid was the flip top types. The current packaging can lead to breakage accidents.
  • Not available in India

Rating: 4.5/5 ( -.5 for the packaging and lack of a mirror)


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  1. Makeup room..i want a makeup office which has loads of makeup ..huge almirah filled with makeup and each having one product dedicated to blush almirah, foundation amlirah etc etc :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :smoke:

  2. It’s been so long since I shopped for makeup, & Menghai Dayaan is ensuring that I have to go on another shopping ban 😥 All this talk of benefit powders is not benefiting me at all :nono:

    I keep wishing that someone wld gift me a huge makeup hamper.. In fact I was dreaming about that today afternoon itself :ZZZ:

    • Hehe…I know exactly how u feel Tanveer…Its the ultimate dream….Even last night b4 falling asleep I was thinking bout blushes, blushes nad more blushes… 😉

      • i have not gone shopping for any makeup since the past 2 mnths now, plus the little precious makeup I had from MAC & MUFE is lost.. I am getting major withdrawal symptoms now 😥 😥 :brokenheart: :deadrose:

          • Lost Mac n MUFE???? Godd! How did that happen?? I cant imagine losing them..i wud b in a crabby mood all day and then go and buy new stuff asap!! but u waited 2mts?? u have tremendous control Tanveer!

            • Zara, I was shifting my home. The irony is that I had packed all this separately from my regular makeup as I was planning to carry it myself. But my hubby in his packing frenzy, opened my cabinet & packed this as well into some container. The rest of my makeup went in regular cardboard bags & reached safe & sound. Except for my MAC + MUFE bag… Now I have set about 95% of the stuff & I still cannot find my makeup, My only hope is that this is still lurking somewhr in that last 5% stuff yet to placed.. Though I have a feeling it is not there as I have gone through that once.. I think someone either nicked it or else threw away the bag by mistake… I have been hoping it turns up since then, but today I am in a very :-(( mood… 😥

          • Yes, The bag had all my MAC stuff (2 paint pots, 2 lipsticks, 1 kohl liner & 1 prep + prime lip), MUFE (aqua cream & aqua liner) & my l’oreal palette .. Luckily I had packed Dark Diversion separately so I have that :-((

            Which sale are you talking about? mufe is having a sale? ?:-)

            • Sheessshh!! Thats horrible..u must have bin sooo upset ya..Its like a huge, major loss..I hope whoever took it never has the fortune of using it properly and looks like a hag in it!!!

  3. Heehee…Phorst we have t do robbery at A’s place…once I have found a MAC which luks like this and steal it, i’ll giv u Dallas 😉 😉

    • Hi Mitra! Happy sunday!!

      No, Dandelion isn’t chalky at all, its just the rilliant flash of my cam working in mysterious ways as usul..heehee..its a very light shade..u also have the 10-blush palette na? u know the lightest baby pink in that?? Dandelion is bang on the same shade..

  4. zara….u have an extra line in ur middle finger…….have u noticed that…..
    btw nice benefit deal that u clinched…… :clap-n-jump:

  5. extra line? kaunsa?? u notice so much yaar…btw kahan thi aaj pura din?? A and i were waiting and waiting and waiting…

  6. it is?? yeyyyy!!! M lucky!! Thank u for giving me nice news on Sunday 🙂 🙂

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