Benefits Of Beer For Hair And Skin


Benefits Of Beer For Hair And Skin


Prost!! Its time to stock up on beer. No, a dry day is not in the offing but actually you need to increase your beer consumption. Now before you start jumping with joy, let me tell you that you do not need to gulp it down to get better hair.


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Benefits of Beer for Hair

  • The barley and hops in beer make it rich in protein and vitamin. These nutrients help in making your hair strong and healthy. It makes hair look shiny, thick and bouncy.
  • The alcohol in beer cleanses hair and makes it soft and shiny. Beer contains biotin, phosphorus, magnesium and maltose which work wonders for hair.
  • Beer helps in removing residue build-up from hair and relives itchiness.
  • Beer also works against split ends. Beer makes hair easy to manage, detangles them and treats hair fall too.

How to Use Beer for Hair

Their are many ways to use beer for hair. You can mix it with lemon juice and honey to get soft hair. You can also mix it with jojoba oil and massage on hair. Leave these concoctions in hair for 30 minutes and then shampoo.

A very easy way to use beer is to rinse your hair with warm beer after shampoo. Then rinse your hair with water. If you can’t bear the smell of beer then use a conditioner afterwards.

Benefits of Beer for Skin

Now we love our alcoholic facials. Beer has amazing benefits for skin. Beer was used historically by Egyptians to get good skin.

  • Beer is a good skin moisturizer which also balances the pH of skin.
  • Beer has anti-bacterial properties and fights acne.
  • As we know that drinking beer helps in flushing toxins out of the body, the effect culminates in radiant skin.
  • Beer is rich in vitamin B and so it helps in making skin soft.
  • Beer is full of anti-oxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. These help in combating wrinkles on skin.
  • As good as it is in cleansing hair similarly it is a good cleanser and astringent for skin. Beer is a great ingredient for a luxurious bubble bath too.

How to use Beer for Skin

You can mix beer with your face packs to reap its benefits. You can also use beer to wash your face. Also it can be used to wipe face with a cotton ball. And if you go for a beer bubble bath, you get the benefits of beer from head to toe.

And Girls!! You can still enjoy your mug and get all its benefits 😉

Have you used beer for your skin and hair?

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  1. It’s extremely high calories though, so it would be cooler to use it on the exterior instead of ingesting it… :p

  2. An excellent reason to stock beer 😉 I knew about benefits for hair, but not about skin.. Thanks for sharing Maitri 🙂


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