Benefits Of Black Pepper

Black pepper is used in almost every home and is quite well known spice in whole world. Black pepper is pungent in taste and has a musty aroma. It contains many volatile oils mainly in the flesh and skin of its fruit. When consumed it warms the body and helps in digestion. This spice is commonly known as kali mirch (Hindi), maricha (Sanskrit, mire (Marathi), Black pepper (English)and ), kalamari (Gujarati).Albeit it is small in size but has many qualities in it. In fact it is a gift to mankind by nature.

Here is a comprehensive list of remedies with black pepper which helps in various health problems:-
1.Cold-If a person is suffering from cold and his/her cold returns back immediately then drink black pepper powder mixed in a glass of milk every day .
2.Constant sneezing-Take 1 black pepper on day one and double the consumption the next day. For instance if 1st day you took one black pepper you will take two on second day and three on third day. Follow this procedure till fifteen days and then start reducing the consumption after the 15th day. So on 30th day person will be taking one black pepper again. This remedy will relieve you from cold and constant sneezing problem. If with cold you have light fever as well then take 5-6 balls of black pepper with 8-9 tulsi leaves(holy basil) ,1 inch ginger,2 cloves(laung),2 cardamom(ilaichi) and boil all the ingredients in water and add milk in it.Make it like tea and have it 3-4 times a day.This will increase your sweat and reduce fever as well.
3.Cough-half tea spoon black pepper powder with half spoon honey if taken 3-4 times a day will relieve you from cough.Please note you have to lick the honey and pepper paste instead of gulping.
4.Gaining weight-Chewing 8-10 black pepper in betel (Piper betel) leaf is known to be beneficial in gaining weight.
5Gastric trouble-Take 1 cup of water,squeeze half lemon ,add ½ spoon of black pepper and ½ spoon black pepper into it. Taking this mixture daily, it is known to be so effective that result are seen in 4-5 days only.
6.All types of skin problem-Applying an equal quantity of paste of black pepper and desi ghee(Clarified butter) on effected area is known to solve all skin problem such as eczema and skin allergies. Applying this paste turns reduces the size of pimple.
7.Improving eye sight-1/2tsp ghee with 1/2tsp black pepper and half spoon misri (crystallized sugar lumps) when licked every day improves eye sight and reduces eye weakness.
8.Indigestion-Cut a lemon into half and put black pepper powder and black salt(kala namak) on it. Heat it on low flame from its peal side and imbibe or sip the juice. This improves digestion. You can have it after a meal when ever u want to have something citric.
9.Asthama-. Boil 8-10 black pepper, 2 clove buds and 10-15 basil leaves in water for 15 minutes. Filter and add two teaspoon honey. Drink the same with milk. This helps in treating asthma.
10.After child birth-In villages after a women gives birth to a child is given rice ,ghee and black pepper to eat for one month so that she can get back the lost strength in her body.Nowadays though women take good nutritious food but is still heard complaining of weakness after delivery of her child.If this remedy is given to women ,she will feel energetic from with in .



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