Benefits Of Castor Oil For Skin & Eyes And How To Use It


Benefits Of Castor Oil For Skin & Eyes And How To Use It

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Castor oil, has since our childhood, been one of those multi-purpose oils in our households.ย  Our elders have been recommending us to use externally as well as internally. Though not so pleasant to use internally (it is gross thick, gloopy, viscous and more of a laxative); Castor oil has some serious beauty benefits for your gorgeous skin and stunning peepers. All it takes is to have the right knowledge about its benefits and the correct way to use it.

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Body Moisturizer:

Chock full of fatty acids, Vitamin E and antioxidants. Castor oil is the only thing you need to reach out to when your skin needs that intense moisturization in India’s chilly weather. Non irritating and non greasy, it gets absorbed very easily and quickly in the skin. It can be directly applied to a thoroughly cleansed face and the neck, smoothing it all over your skin by using soft rubbing motions.

Hydrating toner:

Some people just cannot get themselves to rub oil on their faces for moisturization purposes, no matter how dry the oil might be. The easy solution for this common problem is using a few drops of Castor oil mixed with Rose water, as a toning serum. This toner can be used after cleansing and before moisturizing the skin. Along with gently toning and hydrating the skin. Castor oil also helps in maintaining the skin’s elasticity, radiance and firmness.

For Acne and Scars:

Castor oil is a safe bet when it comes to the cleansing and moisturizing for women with sensitive skin. While many oils, as well as moisturizers help aggravate acne, Castor oil helps to balance out the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. Which can help to combat and eventually ward off acne. Mild acne heals with spot application of this oil. On the skin afflicted by acne, when done on a regular basis.

Illuminating face mask:

Castor oil is as an instant brightening face pack which can give that natural sheen and glow to your skin. Mixing a few drops of this miraculous oil to your store bought face pack or by applying a mixture of honey, yogurt, few drops of lemon juice as well as a few drops of Castor Oil twice weekly, can help you see great results.

Cosmetic uses:

Castor oil can also be used with your Make-up by mixing a few drops of it with your favorite foundation, bronzer as well as tinted moisturizers to get a dewy, youthful finish without having to splurge those extra bucks.

Lip exfoliant:

Luxurious feeling, soft and plump lips are every woman’s dream, and this can be attained now by simply putting Castor oil to work. Mix a few drops of Castor oil with brown sugar to gently exfoliate your lips and add cinnamon for that extra plumpness.

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Under-eye cream:

Yes you heard me right, apart from all the goodness, castor oil can also be used to plump up the collagen levels in your under-eye area. Cleanse the under eye area properly, and using your pinky finger, just dab on a couple of drops of castor oil. Make sure that the oil does not get in contact with your eyes.


The fastest way to grow your eyelashes is undoubtedly a few miraculous drops of castor oil. I have seen obvious difference in my lashes personally; not that I ever had sparse lashes, but using mascara after having applied the oil! Man, oh man! The lashes look nothing less than dramatic. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Brow tamer:

Castor oil as a hair growth enhancer is not a hidden fact now, but the fact that castor oil can also be used as clear brow mascara, or as I call it a brow tamer is such fantastic news to learn about. Such an inexpensive take on brow mascaras, plus the added nourishment!


One of the most cost-effective ways to deal with wrinkles in outer corners of the eye area is castor oil. You do not need any expensive age-renewal or anti-wrinkle creams if you are religiously using just a few drops of castor oil on your problem areas each night.

Do you use castor oil?

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