Benefits of Dried Orange Peel Powder


Benefits of Dried Orange Peel Powder

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These days, we at Wise She have been really obsessed with giving back our nature the due credits and thereby have been doing heap loads of posts on beauty benefits of natural products. I am here with a very interesting post on the benefits of the much-heard about orange peel and how can you incorporate it in your beauty regime to get the skin of your dreams!

Orange is a very famous fruit for its many health benefits. It is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and many other nutrients. Oranges are used worldwide to stay health but did you know that even their peels are precious for us. Most of us throw away the peels and buy expensive products in which brands are using orange peel extracts. This is because these peels contain many nutrients and phytonutrients as well. These help greatly in clearing many skin problems. It gives a natural glow to skin, lightens skin tone, unclogs pores, cures acne and does many more things. So, let’s check top beauty benefits of these orange peels.

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Glowing Skin:

Orange peel powder is an ingredient widely used in products by brands. This powder can be used in your face packs or masks. If used regularly this will provide you protection from sun rays and also can give natural and healthy glow to your skin.

Lightens Skin Tone:

We know that orange is very rich in vitamin C and more than the fruit, the peel contains this. So, it works as natural bleach. You can use this powder regularly to naturally lighten your skin tone. Mix some powder in a teaspoon of honey and few drops of lemon to it. Apply this regularly and leave it for some time. This will help you get rid of the tan you gained.

Clears Clogged Pores:

If you have oily skin and have clogged skin pores then orange peels powder can come to your rescue.Mix some powder with yogurt and apply this all over face. Leave for some time and then rinse. It pulls out the dirt and excess oil from your skin unclogging the skin pores.

Acne and Pimples:

Orange peel powder can help you get rid of clogged pores by removing excess oil. The same way it can fight the bacteria and prevent all the factors that can cause acne or pimples. Use this powder for exfoliation for this purpose. Mix it with some rose water and prevent breakouts.

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Lightens Scars or Marks:

We already know that the peel powder lightens skin. We also know that it fights acne. The same way it also lightens the scars and marks left by acne or pimples. If you have scars, blemishes or tan, use this powder to get rid of them.


Oranges are very rich in anti-oxidants. They are loaded in their peels as well and these anti-oxidants fight the harmful free radicals and keep the skin youthful preventing wrinkles, dark spots, sagging, fine lines, etc. So, try using this powder regularly to keep your skin looking young.

Tones Skin:

Rich vitamin C content in orange peel powder regulates the sebum production in the skin and so balances the natural oil keeping the skin healthy and firm. This powder works great as a natural toner or astringent as well.

Reduces Inflammation:

If you have inflammation anywhere, then this powder can be the solution. Prepare a paste with this powder and apply it over there and this will fight with factors causing infection and even itching.

rose petal orange peel ubtan


The citrus scent of this powder is really refreshing and so can be used for rejuvenation for the entire body. Just mix this powder in bathing water. You will feel fresh the entire day.

Shiny and Lustrous Hair:

The rich anti-oxidants in this peel powder can also prove beneficial for your hair. Apply this to your scalp regularly to get lustrous and soft hair. This controls the unruly hair and provides natural shine to it.

Orange peels can be used in many ways for both health and beauty and so next time think before you throw them away. Get them and keep the peels; dry them under the sun and make powder of it. This stays round the year to use for multiple purposes.

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