Why should you use Greek Yogurt for skin?


With every passing day my skin is  getting drier and drier.No amount of moisturisation helps me out.

When I read about Korres Greek Yoghurt Moisturizing Face Cream and almost immediately happened to find a tub of greek yogurt, I could not resist but pick it up. Since then I am a fan of Greek Yogurt.

Can you imagine a greek yogurt breakfast? Mostly in the west, a medium or large sized tub of greek yogurt (plain or flavored) makes a full breakfast for many.

greek yogurt beauty benefits

What does Greek Yogurt contain?

Why Greek Yogurt for skin?

  • Greek Yogurt is a natural cleanser and scrub due to the lactic acid in it.
  • Zinc makes it a natural remedy for the aching skin due to sunburn.
  • Probiotics and calcium results in a soft glowing skin.
  • The live bacteria help in reducing blemish marks, and also disappears the freckles if any.
  • Spreading a spoonful of thick greek yogurt on the face tightens the skin pores.
  • Greek yogurt is a topical solution for skin problems. And acnes are no excuse. Yogurt is acidic in nature, a well known fact. The acidic nature destroys the acnes causing beings.
  • Above all, another important benefit is moisturizing and anti-aging properties. This is why I am so attached to Greek Yogurt. When you are using greek yogurt face mask for anti-aging benefits, make sure you do not smile, talk or move your face muscles.


greek yogurt  skin care


So, concluding, Greek Yogurt is a hub of all powerful nutrients and ingredients that is needed for all skin types.

What kind of Greek Yogurt should I use for my skin?

Yogurts come in all forms. Plain, sweetened and flavoured. Same is with Greek Yogurt. But for superficial use on the skin, plain yogurt (non-sweetened and non-flavoured) is preferred to get the maximum results on the skin.

Before you make any of the homemade greek yogurt mask, you have to make sure you are using it thick. If it is runny, then strain it.

5 ways of using Greek Yogurt for skin:

1. Make a greek yogurt facial routine at home. Use a small amount as a cleanser; massage and cleanse with cotton ball. After cleansing, use a tea spoon full of it for massaging. Massage for 10 to 15 minutes. And then apply a thick layer of greek yogurt as face mask and rinse after another 20 minutes. I follow this method very often.

2. For a spoon full of greek yogurt, add smashed banana and honey.

3. Mix greek yogurt and any of the natural scrubbing granules like sugar or poppy seeds in equal quantity. This forms a very good body and face scrub.

4. Mix greek yogurt with powdered cinnamon for skin moisturizing and troubled skin treatment. See here for more details.

greek yogurt face mask

5. Grate raw potato and smash it to make a smooth pulp. Add the potato pulp to greek yogurt to make a skin pigmentation lightening face mask.

What do you think about using Greek Yogurt for skin care?

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  1. Haven’t seen any greek yogurt where I live, even in supermarkets. But I use plain home made yogurt for my skin care routine and it works fabulously well! 🙂


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