Benefits Of Meditation And Music In Beauty


Benefits Of Meditation And Music In Beauty

Do you meditate? If you do then I’m sure you know its benefits and effects on your skin. The ones who do not meditate, need to read this because they are unaware of what meditation can do for them.

Meditation for Beauty

Pranayama & Meditation for skin glow

Meditation is the process of focusing all your attention at one point and to not think about anything. The process unearths our energy from within and circulates it to the whole body. When you meditate regularly, you become stress-free, you lose weight faster and your skin radiates from within. I read somewhere that painters show an aura around meditators and it is because the meditators shine not only from within but also from outside. How cool is that!

The emphasis on meditation does not mean that you cannot use skin care products and makeup. Skin care products become a lot more effective when coupled with meditation. You get faster and better results. We all know that even though makeup can hide imperfections but it looks best on a naturally healthy and glowing skin. If you have great skin that is free from spots and wrinkles, you can even flaunt your natural beauty without needing makeup and it is a boon when you are in a hurry.

To add to this, I already told you that meditation prevents aging. If you don’t remember then read here. Meditation keeps your body healthy and immune to many diseases as well. Not to forget that meditation calms us down and makes us feel beautiful mentally too.

Music and Beauty

music for beauty

Music also helps in healing. Many therapists use different types of music while performing healing arts. Listening to soothing music regularly calms down the nerves and makes people feel relaxed. In this way music also promotes a healthy and beautiful body and mind.

You can listen to music anytime and also during meditation. Meditation music is a relatively new concept. It is becoming popular because most people cannot concentrate properly during meditation. While listening to music during meditation, one can concentrate on music and forget about everything else.

Both meditation and music are very good and effective ways to achieve holistic wellness and beauty. Your body and mind become harmonize and you discover a new and better you.

Have you tried meditation?

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  1. Music is really stress busting for me! whenever i feel weird from inside or negative from inside just put on my favorite music and i am back to good. listening to few vedic mantras also helps me feel great!
    Nice article Maitri! much needed post for the busy and stressful life!


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