Benefits Of Neem Leaves For Skin And Hair Care


Benefits Of Neem Leaves For Skin And Hair Care

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Today’s post is something very close to my heart as I have always been a neem or as you may know it Indian Lilac fan! And when I was offered to do a post on something so close to my heart, I could not be any happier!

Trying to match pace with the ardently flowing busy lives of today’s generation; we have somewhat uprooted ourselves from our very essence from our mother earth which yearns for us to love her back. No doubt, her love for us is incessantly astounding and pure; it is just us who need to realize it. One such way of showing her love to us is by Mother Nature, creating the miraculous neem plant. Come lets see what in store for us today!

Benefits of Neem for skin

Neem Uses for Hair!

This post is for all of you who ardently wish for luscious locks but are sick and tired of experimenting with artificial products fused with harshest of the harsh chemicals.

Tame Your Tresses with Neem and Honey Deep Conditioner

Neem and conditioning, the combination as it is sounds quite out of the box; but neem is very moisturizing for the hair if used tactfully and applied in the right manner. The enriched goodness of honey is not hidden from anyone when it comes to deep hair conditioning. But when neem powder and honey combine, they create something out of this world! You really need to try it to know what I have to say!

Neem Oil To The Tress Rescue

Suffering from hair fall, or bald patches go for a warm neem-oil massage treatment. This treatment goes both ways you keep with the nearly-pungent and strong smell of neem oil and in return it gladly fills you with all its tress-woes-relief goodness. Bingo!

neem essential oil

Itchy Scalp Neem Can Handle It

Many of us, especially younger children have a constant issue with their itchy scalps which not to forget can steal us many an uncomfortable glances! The quickest, easiest and the most cheapest solution to your itchy scalp is a thick paste made of neem powder and warm water. Apply it to the roots and spread it all over your scalp, let it be for an hour and rinse it off.

Neem Water for Dandruff

Escaping dandruff by the means of using neem is perhaps one of the oldest tricks in the book! All you need to do is pluck some fresh neem leaves, wash them thoroughly and then boil about 20-25 leaves in almost 2 cups of water. Wait till the water changes color and simmer off the gas once the water is pale green in color. Wash your head as usual (with a normal shampoo and conditioner) and use this lukewarm neem water as a final rinse. It surely works!

The Goodness of Neem for skin!

Now, seriously, who wouldn’ t wish for a radiantly natural complexion, which glows from within! I certainly do; and am here with a few tips to use neem for the skin we just dreamt of having in the above line.

Sebum Control Happening Right Away!

I have always enjoyed neem based face masks as they leave my skin very dewy and stuff! All oily skinned beauties who are praying for their sebum glands to stop working can use up this trick! Take about a teaspoonful of neem powder, mix it up with some yogurt and a few drops of lemon juice and apply a thick layer of it on the face and neck and basically all oily areas of your body. Wait till it dries up and then wash it off.

No doubt, your skin will be left more moisturized, sans any excess sebum or oil production!

Benefits of Neem for Beauty purposes

Acne? All gone!

Acne and neem have had a rivalry since times unknown. Neem sees acne, acne gets frightened neem touches acne, acne disappears! No, I did not just narrate a fight sequel to a fairy-tale, it is just how acne-neem relationship works!

Along with neem, tulsi is one such plant which acne is again afraid of. So just mix the two up (in powder form, of course); add in some rose water (just enough to make a paste like consistency) and apply it either topically or on the entire face.

Neem Toner for Recurrent Blackheads

Nothing worse than a bunch of blackheads cropping up at all the wrong places at all the wrong times!

Boil about 30 leaves of neem in 2 and a half cups of water and let the water change color to green. Strain and let the water cool down before storing it in a glass bottle. Use this concoction as a skin toner for blackhead-prone skin each night and get ready to be amazed within a week of continuous use!

Have you tried using Neem leaves for Skin & hair care?

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