Benefits of peanuts


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Hi all,

If I were to say that peanuts have an excellent nutritional value and are really good for your health, some of you might say – ‘Are you nuts!’. Yes, it’s true that most of us don’t realize how beneficial a small and seemingly useless food item like peanut can be. Peanuts come in various forms like raw, fresh, salted, peanut butter etc. The food value of peanuts is too good to be ignored.

Peanuts benefits


Peanuts are perfect ‘beauty food’ as they’re a rich source of Vitamin E. Munching peanuts provides quick relief from those in-meal hunger pangs which you often encounter (and are equally often shy to share). Peanut also have Resveratol which’s an important anti-oxidant, helpful in overall functioning of the body.

Peanuts are also a source of fiber and helpful in fighting constipation by regulating proper bowel movements. They are also rich in ‘beneficial fats’ : basically monounsaturated fats and help in decreasing the bad cholestrol in the body. Good in niacin, folate, manganese, essential minerals, you name it and you have it. Peanuts also help accelerate the male/female hormones so be sure to munch in proper quantity every now and then.

However, as with every food item, excess peanuts may also have adverse effects on some people. Those suffering from thyroid, kidney, gallbladder problems, try to avoid peanuts as they contain goitrogens and oxalates.


  1. useful inf.gunjan 4 those who r unaware about benefits of pea.. i eat it this way-soak in water over night in water then eat it with mungsprout n honey.
    another recipe:
    grate cucumber,carrot,onion,cabb.gre chili add handful soaked peanuts(white skinned).rock salt black peper pdr,lemon juice.

  2. I never knew that peanuts help in decreasing cholestrol and contains in fibres… What I knew was it contains lotta oil and will lead to weight gain…. huh, how ignorant I was!!

    Very informatice post Gunjan 🙂


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