5 Benefits Of Steam For Face|Steaming Face At Home


5 Benefits Of Steam For Face

Steaming your body and face is one of the best way feel your skin refreshed. Steaming is quite popular in spas but it is not anything that happens only during a Spa session. You can have a steam bath in your home as well, and steaming face is done all the more easily at home. Facial steaming has numerous health and beauty benefits.


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Steaming is not a new concept; it has been around since ages and is a part of many cultures.  1000 of years ago the ancient Greeks and Romans used the steaming process just the way like we do it. Today I shall share some benefits of Face Steaming but before that let me share about how you should do face steaming. Read on.

How To?

The temperature employed in steam treatments is 110 degrees Fahrenheit i.e., 43 degrees Celsius. This temperature is enough to make you sweat and yet keeps the process pleasant; a little higher temperature may prove to be hazardous. Temperature higher than 110 degrees Fahrenheit may even damage blood capillaries and make skin saggy. Just enough of warmth is what you need to steer yourself towards relaxation. Always wash your face and remove all makeup before taking face steam as this will allow the steam work better.

Steam does a lot of magic for our skin and to make the experience you can add few extra ingredients to make your experience all the more magical. You can add neem leaves, flowers or any essential oil of your choice to the steam water; this will add some aroma to relieve your sense but will not do anything added. Also do not exceed steam durations for more than 10-15 minutes or it may behave adversely. A good distance of 12 to 18 inches is best recommended for having a safe steaming session that benefits to its maximum.


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A good exfoliation and face mask session after steaming is great for skin. Face steaming is an inexpensive facial treatment and you can simply do it with some warm water, a pot and a towel is all that you need. Face steamers too are easily available and are not heavy on pockets as well. So next time, when you want to give your face some steam power do not long to go to a spa and instead do it simply at home.

Now that you know how to give yourself a face steam treatment let me share some great benefits of steam for face.

Benefits Of Steam For Face:

Cleanses well

A good sweat is perfect to keep your skin healthy. Dermatologists say that serious sweating cleanses the skin even better than any soap, face wash and water.  Steam stimulated the blood flow, opens up pores and washes out dirt & dead skin cells and it lets your skin breathe.

Removes black heads & white heads

Steam also helps in getting rid of black heads and white heads. Steam your face for 5-10 minutes and then gently scrub your face, especially the t zone where the black & white heads are common. This way they will come out easily without many efforts as steam makes these heads soft. Similarly after a body steam you can scrub your body to make the exfoliation all the more effective.

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Fights ageing

Face steaming also helps fight ageing skin ageing and delay it. Steaming moistens the facial skin, treats dry skin and removes dead skin. It will make the skin feel soft, supple and smooth, which has a healthy glow and looks youthful.


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Calms pimples

If you have a pimple troubling your, steam your face for 5-10 minutes. This will break out the pus from the pimple, now relax for 20-30 minutes and apply an ice cube on the pimple. This will help suppress the pimple break out. It is one of the best way to help get rid of pimple in a day.

Improves blood circulation

Steam makes our skin perspire, this perspiration helps in cleansing skin, removing dead skin, open pores and allows skin to breathe. At the same time this also increases blood circulation, which keeps our skin healthy and gives a glow to our face.

These were some great beauty benefits of face steaming. I am going get a face steam now, how about you?

Do you follow facial steaming in your skin care routine?

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