Benefits of Vitamin E Capsules for Skin and Hair


Benefits of Vitamin E Capsules for Skin and Hair


We all know the importance of vitamin E for a healthy skin. Vitamin E is found naturally in many foods like almonds and sunflower seeds. But to increase the efficacy and get quicker results, vitamin E capsules are a blessing. They can be popped for supplementing vitamin in body. Also the serum inside the capsules can be applied directly on skin or can be mixed with other products to reap its benefits. here are some amazing benefits of vitamin E.


benefits of vitamin E capsules

Vitamin E for Soft Skin

Vitamin E has antioxidants that protect cells from getting damaged by acting against free radicals. Regular topical application of vitamin E on face makes skin super soft. But these capsules should not be applied more than once a week. It can also be mixed with your night cream if you want to use it daily.

Vitamin E against Ageing

This vitamin stimulates the generation of new cells that make skin look younger. It reduces wrinkles by making skin plump and improving collagen-formation. It reduces fine lines and also works against appearance of new wrinkles.

Vitamin E against Stretch Marks

Vitamin E is very effective in healing the stretch marks. If the capsule-serum is applied regularly, stretch marks get visibly reduced. The scars on skin also fade with use of vitamin E.

Vitamin E against Burns

Got a minor burn? You can heel it with vitamin E. Let the burn cool down and then apply the gel from vitamin E capsule on it. It will soothe the affected area and will also help in reducing the resulting scar.

Vitamin E against Pigmentation

The pigmentation in the form of brown spots on skin can be treated with vitamin E. If you apply the gel from a capsule regularly on the spots, you will get clear skin soon. Also your skin will be guarded against any further damage.

Vitamin E For Cuticles

Now you don’t need to buy specialized cuticle oils to cure dry and chapped cuticles. The cheap vitamin E capsules help here too. Take out the get and apply it on your cuticles sparingly. Your cuticles will soon be free from any dryness and you will get baby soft hands.

Vitamin E for rough Knees and Elbows

Regular application of vitamin E capsules on dry knees and elbows effectively treats them. You skin will become soft, hydrated and brighter.

Vitamin E for Lips

Apply the serum from a capsule on your lips directly or mix it with your lip balms. You will get all the benefits of vitamin E on your lips.

Vitamin E For Hair

If you want to stimulate your hair growth, use vitamin E capsules regularly. Pop open a capsule and rub the contents on your scalp. You can leave it overnight. Wash off with shampoo. Your hair will grow fast and will become strong and smooth. It also works against split ends and pre-mature greying.

Do you use Vitamin E capsules?

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