Bengali Desert Patishapta Recipe (Pancakes With Coconut Stuffing)


By Prerana Sharma,
Patishapta dessert recipe
Recently I shared a Bengali dessert- Malpua on  WiseShe. After getting so many positive compliments, I got inspired to make another simple which is not too sweet:P .

Pati Shapta -  This particular recipe is basically a coconut stuffed maida pancakes which is popularly known as Pati Shapta in West Bengal. In this recipe too, sugar is not used, instead Jaggery or Gur is used which is known to be containing Iron and has various health benefits.. So lets start the recipe..:dance:

Step 1. Lets make the stuffing first.
First grate the coconut with a hand grater. The quantity depends upon how many pati shaptas u wana make. I grated one full coconut (medium size) and made15 pati shaptas.

Patishapta recipe

Step 2. Now in a non stick pan melt 5 spoons of gur / jaggery. Note that the flame should be low otherwise the gur will burn and destroy the taste of the dessert.

After complete melting of gur, add the grated coconut and powder of 2-3 cardamom (elaichi) and mix them properly into a fine stuffing as shown below.


Bengali dessert recipe

Step 3. Now lets prepare the pancakes. For this take 2 cups maida. Add powder of 2 elaichi (cardamom) and also addhalf cup suji. (ie., for 2cups of maida, we will put ½ cup suji)

Suji is added to make the dessert crispy.


Bengali desserts patishipta recipe

Step 4. Now you have to make a solution of gur. For this take 2cups water in a small kadai or sauce pan and bring it to boil. Put off the flame and add half cup gur (or you can increase or decrease the quantity of sweetness as per your taste)

Break the gur lumps with a spoon or heavy metal spoon and stir continuously to make the solution.


Step 5. Now pour this Gur solution into the maida and make a batter with pouring consistency just like your dosa batter.


Bengali sweets recipe

# See the pic below. This must be the consistency.


Indian Recipes

Setep 6. Now heat 2drops of oil in a non-stick tawa.Pour little quantity of the batter and spread it like a dosa and add  little coconut stuffing on it.

Note : flame should be low, this will burn in high flame!


Cooking recipes

Step 7. Once you feel the base has cooked then fold the pancake like an envelop from all the 4 sides as shown in the pic below. Turn it over and allow it to fry a little till golden texture appears.


Vegtarian recipes

Step 8. Pati Shapta is ready to serve.

Bengali sweets recipes

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  1. hey, this is my favourite. my Maa makes awesome patishapta. even my bf is a huge fan of my Maa’s patishapta. it’s mainly a winter-special dish. u know, Poush-parbon er Pithey-puli. :))
    little tip: Maa adds some ‘khowa kheer’into the coconut while making the stuffing. it adds more taste. 🙂

  2. errrr…….anamika,i can’t find any proper english word for ‘kheer’ and i’m terrible in hindi too. 😛 ‘kheer’ is a condensed product made from milk. it looks like ‘paneer’. ‘kheer’ is used to make sweets. 🙂

  3. yay i have lotsa plans 😀 me going out with friends today evening 🙂 would shop also if i get something decent ..and kal i will go and visit a new born baby 🙂

    • we have lot of work pending at home..will cover them up and then on sunday i have a close friend coming up at my home and many many moe thngs with this cricket also 😛

    • ohhh kitty party..i have never joined them because i have heard women most of the time bitch only in it true?

  4. hi prerna we have a similar item in Kerala menu too. but instead of jaggery we add sugar with scraped coconut. another keralite special is ela ada which we make use of rice powder pancakes stuffed with jaggery and coconut mixture and steam cook .too good.
    by the way my hubby loves scraping coconut though i hate doing it.he can scrape one full coconut in five minutes or less than that.but the problem is he finishes eating quarter of it while scraping it lols :laugh:

    • :rotfl : :rotfl:
      I am sure he love scrapping ..i like coconut too..though i hardly used it when I was in delhi but now use it almost every week 🙂

  5. ha…picture mei dekha hai!!
    but here its not like that, it is actually a meeting of all AF wives in an auditorium type venue, where some function, doctor speeches, khana-pena, masti & all happens…

  6. I ‘ld like to mention that recently i have seen an article regarding the preparation of “Malpua” and istantly suggested the link to my girlfriend.But to her dissappointment, the link does not work anymore.Even i tried to open the link today but it shows an error. I have even tried to open the page from the link you have highlighted in your “Patishapta” page but it does not work either.I really need the recipe page, it was wonderfully illustrated.Please Upload the page or send me the page if its saved.


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