Berina Hair Heat Protector Review


Berina Hair Heat Protector Review

Hello sweeties ,

This is my first review here and I’m quite excited about that.I was looking for a good heat protectant Spray . Whenever I use a flat iron I feel like my hair is roasted between those two plates. So ,using heat protectants is very important as it forms a protective layer on hair and minimises the damage caused by flat irons , blow dries and curling irons. They add some moisture to your hair and leaves hair shiny and silky.

Berina Hair Heat Protector

About Berina Hair Heat Protector:

  • Price : Rs.520  for 230ml.You can buy from Purplle.The best part is ,it has a long shelf life of 3 years .

Features :

Longer shelf life
Easy to use
No harmful components

Directions for use :

  • Rinse hair well before the application of Berina Heat Protector.
  • Blow hair until almost dry.
  • Then apply Berina Heat Protector thoroughly all over the hair.
  • Apply Hair Iron or dryer and style as desire.

The spray nutures and protects the hair from heat. As combination of natural extracts coat the hair to prevent damage caused by various hair styling equipmentseg. hair dryer, iron or simple about the Sun UV-Light. The Heat Block Spray will give a smooth texture and shine to your hair to become strong and beautiful. Further will the spray help to extend the life of will protect the color locked into the hair for a much longer duration.

Berina Heat Protector contains Pro-Vitamins B5 with two systems of Milky Spray and provides heat protection against hair dryer and iron. This nourishes and makes hair look healthy, shiny, silky and natural. This is processed using the best quality raw material and advanced techniques under the guidance of skilled professionals.

Berina Hair Protector Spray

My take on the Berina Hair Heat Protector:

I was in need of a heat protectant . When I visited my saloon , they suggested me this one. Being a  professional brand ,it is only available in some saloons and some online sites. But this is a must have for everyone.

Packaging: This spray comes in a green bottle with a tight cap. Overall I liked the packaging..It is transparent too , you can easily know how much product  is left over.

Berina Heat Protector Spray

Ingredients list is not mentioned. ( in English ). Everything is written in japanese , as it is a japan product. If some one can understand japanese, let me know 😛 .

Smell : The fragrance of the product is so pleasant and fruity.. It stays on your hair for a decent time . No one will find the smell irritating. And also when you iron your hair , the smell becomes even more nice.

The spray is white  foamy liquid with bubbles .I usually use it on damp hair before blow drying . But for straightening , your hair must be completely dry. So , I section my dry hair and spray it . This spray makes my hair very soft and also shiny . This spray also reduces the damage not totally but to a great extent. I also use this spray whenever I go out on a hot sunny day because it also reduces the damage caused by the sun.

Berina Hair Protector Swatch

I’m very satisfied with the product.

What I like about Berina Hair Heat Protector:

  • Cute packaging in green
  • It is travel friendly. The cap fits so tightly so that it doesn’t leak
  • It makes your hair very soft and smooth
  • It prevents your hair from getting damaged
  • I love the fragrance  soo much
  • It also helps in detangling my hair

What I don’t like about Berina Hair Heat Protector:

  • Availabilty might be a problem as it is only available in professional saloons. You can also get it online
  • I hate that they keep hiking the price.

Will I repurchase it : Yes , until I get a better product than this.

And I highly recommend this heat protectant for everyone . It is important to use this right from the first time you use a hot tool.

Rating : 4/5

Have you tried Berina Hair Heat Protector?


  1. The product looks like something my hair straightening friends would love. :p
    Also, I know a fair bit of Japanese and trust me, that isn’t it! It’s probably some other South East Asian language though…. 🙂

    • Japanese is a very multi faceted language and has numerous ways it can be written, this was in a slightly complex pattern and at first sight I couldn’t get it nor recognize it… :p

  2. seems like good one. Nice review Sindhura. Is it available in market?? mmm need to find out. 🙂

    Nivanya share us the info dear 🙂 😀


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