Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Swatches & Photos


Yesterday I reviewed  Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick shade 626 Cha Cha cherry and those who like the range can check out the new 11 shades which Revlon has introduced


What Revlon Superlustrous claims:-

  • Exclusive LiquiSilkâ„¢ formula with mega-moisturizers seals in color and softness
  • Silky-smooth, creamy texture
  • Stay true color wears evenly


To create the perfect pout, define lips by applying your choice of ColorStay® lipliner to the natural line of your lips. To further increase the wear of your lipstick, fill in lips completely. Continue by applying your favorite Revlon Super Lustrous™ Lipstick shade over the lined lips.

  • Price Rs – 525 for 4.2gm don’t forget to ask for a free gift too  🙂
  • Fragrance – Revlon Superlustrous lipsticks are almost fragrance free.
If you are planning to buy any of these then please  don’t go with the lipstick tube shade  only and swatch the shade many times as almost all shades look quit different in the tube then what actually they are.


Revlon super lustrous lipstick photos and swatches


Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick 420 Blushed(Frost) - It’s a nude brownish lipstick with tad bit of shimmer in it.


Revlon superlustrous lipstick 420 blushed 420 Swatches


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick  Peach Me(Frost) - It looks quite different in the tube but is a peachy pink shade .This shade will go well on fair skin tone.

Revlon Super Lustrous Peach me 628 Lipstick Photos & Swatches


Revlon Super lustrous Lipstick Love That Red (Creme) - A real bright true red shade which is blue based I believe.


Revlon Super Lustrous Love That Red Lipstick Photos & Swatches


Revlon Super lustrous Lipstick 425 Soft Silver Red –  It’s a soft mutedl  red with strong undertone of coral.It’s a beautiful soft shade and is going to look amazing at night time.



Revlon Super Lustrous Soft Silver Red(Frost) lipstick Photos & Swatches



Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Kiss Me Coral - A highly pigmented reddish coral shade and this going to look different in day time and night time or I shall say in different lights.


Revlon Superlustrous Kiss Me Coral Lipstick Photos & Swatches


Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick 450 Genlteman Prefer Pink - Gentleman prefer pink and so do we 😛 This one is a sheer pink which is frosty.


Revlon Super lustrous lipstick Gentle man prefer pink lipstick swatches


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 030 Fleshtone (Creme) - It’s a peach brown shade and as these lipstick and can be on your nude shade if you are lucky .


Revlon Super lustours 030 flesh tone lipstick swatches


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Cherries the snow (Creme) - It’s a dark fuchsia pink shade and will go more on cool skin tones.


Revlon Super Lustrous Cherrish the snow lipstick swatches


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 626 Cha Cha Cherry  (Frost)-   You can read the detail review of this here . A warm red with pink undertones


Revlon Super lustrous cha cha cherry lipstick Swatches


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 740 Certainly Red(Creme) – It’s a blue based true  red


Revlon Super lustrous Certainly red lipstick Swatches


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 407 Rose Dew –  It’s a peachy pink with subtle gold shimmer in it.




Revlon super lustrous 407 rose dew lipstick swatches



 420 blushed (frost) , Love that red ( creme), 740 Certainly Red(creme)


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Flesh tone, Peach me , Cherries the snow, Kiss Me Coral


soft silver red peach me, frost 420 blushed lipsick, certainly red , flesh tone


Cherries the snow , Kiss Me Coral, Cha cha cherry, Gentleman prefer pink, Soft silver red, Rose dew

kiss me coral , cha cha cherry, gentleman prefer pink, soft silver red, rose dew,


Swatches of Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick (LtoR)


Blushed, Love That Red , Certainly Red, Flesh tone, Peach Me, Cherrish the snow, Kiss Me Coral, Cha cha cherry, Gentleman prefer pink, Soft silver red, Rose dew


11 revlon super lustrous lipstick swatches


Which shade of Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick did you like?


  1. I have the fleshtone creme and it glides on lips like a has a finish like the mac amplified range…i have very dry lips so I need creamy formulations which are well pigmented..fleshtone is an everyday nude shade

  2. GM gurlllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 😀
    I am lovin fleshtone!! There seems to be more of RED shades!! Maybe this is a sign…. God wants me to pick a red shade 😉

  3. wonderful ana………………… peach me, flesh tone and blushed are fabulous…………………. very nice review… :lipstick: :lipstick:

  4. anamika from banglore..n new to this site..nice these lipsticks available in bangalore? they give lipliner with these..

  5. Cool shades na? And so many kinds of red for all skins and tones :lipstick:
    I loved Rose Dew…. But No more shopping for a week at least for me! I’ve shopped like crazy recently!!! :wallbash:

  6. Kiss me coral is awesome.. But from now i think ill order revlon pdts online.. lifestyle here does not stock everything.. but will check shoppers stop here n see.. Very irritated with the revlon counter at lifestyle in chennai :reallypissed:

  7. yippeee..i got the kiss me coral one and gentlmen prefer pink in an offer at my drugstore :dance: :)))the coral one is really unique… 😀


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