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By Ishika,                                            GARLIC – Garlic benefits
Since childhood, we have been reading that our country India has unity in diversity. No wonder the wonder food garlic has diversified names in different parts of the country.The botanical name of garlic is Allium Sativum Linn. It belongs to the Allium family of vegetables which also includes onions Hindi names of garlic  are Lasum, Lassan, Lahsun and it is called as Velluri in Telugu. Asamese known it as Naharu and is known as Rasun in Bengal.  Kannadiga’s call it Belluli and it is known as Rahan in Kashmir.
It is known as Velluli in Malayalam and Rusoon in Marathi.  Since ancient times, garlic has been used extensively as an important condiment in food.  Garlic has been known  for its numerous health and medicinal benefits. It is widely used infood preparations like chutneys, pickles, curry powders, tomato ketchups. Most of us are fond of garlic bread @Pizzahut.
Needless to say they use lots of garlic. Raw garlic is used in preparing garlic powder, garlic vinegar, photato wafers and even garlic bread loaf. It is advisble to crush the garlic clove before using as it contains a chemical called Allicin which is released only when it is crushed and is has been tested on mice to successfully kill cancer cells-specially in case of breast and skin , and malignant tumors as well. Ayurveda proclaims garlic to be the most effective anti-microbial herb due it anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and antiseptic  properties.
Raw garlic benefits:-
1.Manage cholesterol levels  -It raises our HDL- high density lipoprotein (good) cholesterol levels, prevents LDL-low density lipoprotein (bad) cholesterol from building up on arterial walls. This reduces the chances of plaque forming in our arteries.
2.WhoopingCough Garlic is an excellent remedy for whooping cough. Syrup of garlic given in doses of five drops to a teaspoonful two or three times a day helps.Give it more often if the coughing spells are frequent and violent.
3.Garlic In Toothaches – Garlic’s antibacterial, analgesic, and anesthetizing properties can help cure toothaches. Put some garlic oil or a piece of crushed garlic clove directly onto the affected tooth and the gum for instant relief.
4.Garlic in Skin Disorders – Garlic helps in a  variety of skin disorders Pimples disappear without scar when rubbed with raw garlic several times a day. The external use of garlic helps to clear the skin of spots and pimple, and boils. The process is further helped by taking the garlic orally which purifies the blood-steam. A regular course of three garlic capsules per day should help to clear minor skin infections quickly
5.Garlic in Cold -Colds One of the most common ailments garlic found to treat is the cold when consumed in raw form. Studies have shown that it improves the immune function, giving our natural defense system a boost, and helping it conserve our levels of antioxidants in our system.
6 Garlic in WeightLossGarlic is also excellent in the handling of body fat. This does not mean that you can eat garlic instead of getting exercise. Garlic, however, is acknowledged as one of the most effective means of reducing fat in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program.
7.Diabetes– Garlic regulates blood sugar levels by increasing the release of insulin in diabetics. Therefore an effective remedy is to take one capsule or tablet of garlic everyday.
8.Ear AchePutting two or three drops of warm garlic oil in the ears really helps.
How to eat garlic?
1.Allicin, present in garlic clove gets released only when it is crushed. . When crushed garlic is added to a dish, any parasites, bacteria or other microbes get killed even before the temperature kills them hence,chances of food poisoning are reduced.
2.Make sure you peel the garlic before cooking . Cooking garlic in its peel destroys its curative properties. Similarly, peeling the garlic days before and crushing and storing all the crushed garlic together to be used a little at a time might save time , but many of garlic’s potent health properties are lost.
3.Peel the garlic and let it sit for fifteen minutes before cooking. Just before cooking, crush it. Consume soon after.
4.While you can get garlic supplements if you are looking for the easier way out, it is highly recommended that you get your daily doze of garlic the natural way – through the clove itself. Peel it, crush it fifteen minutes later and take it followed by a little milk. Do this every night – so you will not smell of garlic the entire day. It will help in improving your health and immunity as well.
Garlic side effects
1.Bad body odour is one of the main garlic side effects which could occur when consumed in larger quantities.
2.If you are eating raw garlic or drinking fresh garlic juice, you are going to get garlic breath and people around might start complaining that your breath stinks.
3.Some people suffer from allergies to garlic and other plants in the allium family. Symptoms can include irritable bowel, diarrhea, mouth and throat ulcerations, nausea, breathing difficulties
4.Other side effects include headache, skin rashes, temperature, occasional allergic reactions, stomach disorders, decrease in serum protein and calcium levels.
5.Side effects from taking garlic supplements include headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle aches and dizziness.
6.Garlic can also thin the blood so caution is advised to people with blood disorders, to those who will have surgery, and to those who will deliver a baby, about consuming it either fresh or in supplement form.
So as the saying goes-“Excess of everything is bad”, consume garlic in moderate quantities and be rest assured to benefit the most from it.
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