Best Affordable Makeup Brushes-Suggestions


Snehal asks,

I am planning to buy few makeup brushes. Can you gals suggest me some best makeup brushes which are of good quality but affordable? 🙂


Best affordable makeup brushes-Suggestions


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  1. try oriflame brushes..I recently brought a powder brush, blending brush and both of them were good..used to bleed a little while washing but stoped after a few fine for me..!they r for around 300-350 rs something..!!

  2. Hi Snehal,

    Bourjois – powder brush is nice, I bought this after reading this review here and its my current fav brush :tap-dance:

    Bharat and Dorris – Most of brushes I have are from B & D. These are affordable and good. But they have limited availability, if u r in Mumbai, they have a store in Infinity mall, Malad west.
    If u r indeed in Mumbai and want to see wht they hv u can visit their website to have a pre-look and prices, but I wont suggest to buy online cz I heard the online service is not good.

    Body shop – offers good brushes reviewed on wiseshe here: & here

    Ecotools – I also have Ecotools brushes, the one reviewed here is best, but availability is an issue.

    Hope thats helpful :yippee: , its really fun to be able to share this thanks to Wiseshe !

    MAC is something I would like to try next but they are really heavy on pocket 🙁

  3. i have oriflame n vega brushes..n they r quite affordable and good for 1st time users.
    @pia,u can get vega brushes from Urbantouch..n stylecraze.

  4. Are they only available online 🙁 , I am not used to ol shopping, the wait time will kill me :razzmad: but will still try if thers no option…
    Thank you Navneet 🙂

  5. I’d suggest :-
    1. If you have a credit card, then shop from coastal scents for their 22 piece brush set, as it has all the basic and specific brushes which are of well quality and worth the price you pay. They normally delivery stuff in max 2 weeks.. but be aware of your postal people. If you don’t trust them then get it delivered somewhere else.
    2. IF you dont have a credit card but have net banking, then you can buy brush piece sets from the Global Ebay section, i haven’t bought anything from global ebay, but many have and they trust their service, so you can give this a thought.
    3. IF you don’t have a c.c or net banking, then you can go for Vega/Audrey/ELF/NYX brushes from our beauty websites which offer CASH ON DELIVERY and you can pay stuff after it reaches you.

    MAC, SIGMA, INGLOT, B&D brushes are all specific brands and are pricey

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. about two years back i threw away a brush set in garbage. Then i didnt know how to use it, used sponges and fingers for everything…It was some low cost brand but i didnt even try it…. :weep: Now i cant believe i did it… :hammer: :struggle: Similarly i gave away some great blow drying brushes cause didnt know how to use them… hi hi.. It was all before the empire of beauty blogs was established..

    • you know ife .. i threw away many make-up palettes .. brushes .. beautiful nailart stuff .. I din’t know what they were and how to use them .. now i so regret it .. 😥 .. now those things cost a bomb to buy .. 😥 ..

  7. Faces and vlcc groome have a nice set of makeup brushes. Vega is a fairly nice brand to start with since they’re the most affordable range around. Audrey’s, basicare and bare essentials are affordable and fall into the same category too.But these 3 brands have for some odd reason not been widely used. The body shop and Sigma have some of the softest brushes but they’re quite pricey and will cost u around 600 to 800 for a single brush. Coastal scents have affordable , high quality brushes but the shipping costs can be high and it would turn out pricey if ure going to order just one or two brushes from them and pay high shipping. Bourjois Paris have some brushes but they do tend to shed when washed frequently.

        • Do lemme know if u want some..A!
          I l get it for U..! :-))

          Hey Pia.. currently i have none.. but soon i ‘ll have all of dem ! 😉 😀 :yes:

          • :tap-dance: wow, humm do let me know if u too found them good, I like the b & d, bcz they have a variety of brushes i.e. for eg, they have a tiny tiny sweet brush I can use to line/fill in my lower lash line and it works best.
            I have noticed one thing though that their powder and stippling brush shades a bit, but I haven’t washed it yet, so probably this shud stop after the first wash.
            But they are worth a try :yes:

  8. Get 22 piece set from buyincoins..their quality is same as coastal scents brushes…in india Faces eyeshadow applicator brush (99 INR) and eyeshadow blending brush (250) are best..for face you can go for ecotools brushes again available online or get B&D brushes..i have stippling brush and its quite good.

    • why dont you girls do a post on hairstyles..
      i am bored with my old hairstyles..
      wanna try something new.. 😕

  9. Can anyone say what is the price range of bharat And dorris?? I need to buy more brushes kyunki wash karna lazy feel hota hai.. toh ek acha substute hona chahiye!!


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