Best Aloevera Gel In India


By Shreya,

After reading so many things about aloe vera gel here I want to buy it.I don’t know many brands which sells aloevera gel can you recommend me any of your best aloe vera gel brand?


Best aloevera gel in India


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  4. i use aloe vera gel very rarely only when i have a rash or something..i currently have a dabba which i got from Kerala last year..Its not directly from the plant since I’m allergic to aloe vera used that way..There is a brand called Green Leaf which is also nice..I’ve used it before..

  5. PATANJALI Aloe Vera Gel…its the best of all the gels i used..for some reason, Green Leaf and Brihans started itching my skin..Patanjali one dint.

  6. I will vote for Oriflame’s Aloe Vera Gel. If I remember correctly, it is 80% pure concentrate of aloe. I have never come across any brand / preparation that has a higher concentrate. I have not used it personally but someone I know who has normal skin has for general facial rejuvenation and it worked very well in that segment.

  7. The Best Brand in the World is Forever’s Aloe Vera Gelly for topical application and Aloe Vera Gel Drink it’s 100% natural, organically grown and stabilised only with natural ingridients. It’s also certified by the International Aloe Science Council and has 97.5% pure aloe vera content.

  8. I use R K aroma’s aloe vera gel – available at New Beauty Centre at Mumbai. I don’t like their aroma oils (for which, I prefer Aroma Treasures – they deliver it at home, too), but their aloe gel is excellent – only it is mixed with water and preservatives, and comes in tub. I don’t mind as I love its texture.


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