Best And Cheapest Soft Bristles Makeup Brushes


By Nidhi,
Can you suggest me makeup brushes which are best and cheap and have soft bristles.I am new to makeup and looking for foundation and blush brushes.

best and cheapest soft bristles brushes

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  1. Oh thats my query too ! Being a novice in makeup i just realised that its important to have a good brush even if the product is average to achieve a “Anamika ” like result 😀

    • heheh i am so glad …i have used many brushes, be it MAC, sigma, body shop, QVS and i do find the difference but one can easily get the desired look with any brush if he or she knows how to use them.Branded brushes stays for long are soft and are easy to use but at the end of the day its your hand which gives the best result 🙂

      • whats MAC brush for foundation,powder ,eye and blush ? is powder brush and kabuki thing the same ?? :smug: i really dunno

  2. Hello Nidhi..same name. Although i don’t know anout indian market but You can use Vega foundation brush and The body shop blush brush if you wanna save money.The body shop brushes are really good and soft but expencive then vega i think.

  3. Hey Nidhi, try to get Audrey’s brush set to start with..even i find Vega scratchy and rough on skin…QVS and Faces is also quite good for beginners like you and me..

  4. Hi,

    I bought a set of ECOTOOLS eye-make up & face make up Brushes from BUYINCOINS.They ship it for free and the quality of the brushes is simply fantabulous.

    I bought a set of 10 brushes for about 10$ from them…I’m so madly in love with these brushes.Do check out on their website and give it a sure shot….I received the pack within 7 days of placing the order:)

  5. hey anu , plz tell me how’s “NYC cosmetic’s” …. i have seen them for online purchas,plz suggest whether i buy them or not.


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