Best Anniversary/Birthday Gift Ideas For Husband


Kejal asks, 

My anniversary is coming up on Friday ..3rd Shock I need a few gift idea suggestions…Anybody? I’ve done the usual Shirt, Watch, Perfumes. Any DIY or hatke idea ..HELP!!




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  1. i gifted my bf a scrapbook wid our pics in d chronological orders with cute notes on heart shaped stickers..u can be as creative as u want when it cums to scrapbooks :-))

  2. What I do is – try to know what he needs. May be he wanted something for himself which could be anything related to his work, hobby and need. You have to run your mind horses to find out those things.

    I recently gifted my hubby a beautiful pen stand with hour glass for his office, a bouquet, a card with special notes and a pair of shoes.

  3. Another thing that is sure to please him is a notebook of redeemable coupons. Each coupon can have you time, him & you time, party out tonight, nobody time, a candlenight dinner time & whatever else you can think off!! It can also be for chores – I gave my mom a book of chores. She hands one to me whenever she wants me to do something!

  4. a digital phote frame is a lovely gift to have u can save all ur fav pic of the both of u on it so that when he plugs it in, the pics come up directly 🙂

    try making a video too…its a very senti wala gift and always appreciated 🙂

  5. Hi Kejal…. Try and know from your husband’s sisters/ brothers/ mother etc. if there is a hobby about which is passionate and really wanted to do in life eg my husband wanted to be a drummer and he is indeed very good at it, he has composed a few songs also, which I came to know very recently from his school friends…. something like that … your husband also, i am sure, will have one such passion, like make-up is for us! :D:D hope that helps…. 🙂

  6. you can plan a small trip somewhere he loves to go…you can keep it completely secret and just tell him that we are going somewhere (even a guy needs some planning 😉 )
    my boy wanted to visit his alma mater and due to his busy schedule he could not and was just secretly killing the idea.. So out of no reason, I planned a complete weekend trip for him and only on our way to catch our tain I showed him the tickets – he was the happiest boy in town :king: :clap-n-jump:
    you can always give people materials to people and memories last longer :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright:

  7. Try some diy gifts… Collage Of yr pics, notes or other things u shared together.
    I like to bake a birthday cake for my hubby and preferably cook his fav food at home. Good food will surely work i guess with All the men 😉

  8. go to one of those online cake websites and order a surprise cake of ur choice with ur personal msg for ur hubby. When your hubby receives the cake he is be surprised ^_^!

  9. Three is easier kejal 😛

    I was so out of ideas this year,I got the husband Ipad 2 . But things like need to be pre planned I guess.
    What I like best is to bake him a cake , cook his favourite meal and take him for a drive. Mine is easy to please that way 😛

  10. you can knit something for him maybe like a muffler , even if you dont know how to knit you can learn in a day,,this will be always special for him as it will be always be with him and the warmth which it will give to him will keep on reminding him about you. 🙂

    cook something extra special for him , something that he won’t imagine you doing(which you haven’t cooked earlier),,the first time I cooked for my loved one , he immediately told me to wait inside the car and then ran to get dairy milk chocs for me,,he said you hav cooked sth for me for the first time so i wanted to give you some ashirwad love 😀 ,, can’t forget that moment ever,,he had tears in his eyes that time 🙂

    gift him a potted plant something that he has to take care of daily,,since he loves you he will take extra care of it and will appreciate your thought,,growing plants is thought to be auspicious as it brings growth n prosperity in your family,,,this one is unique and really lovable.

    these days ppl tend to use cars for their daily needs,,since guys love bikes you can pre-plan a bike ride /trip to a nice place around your city,, its really romantic.

    these are just some ideas,,
    basically it should come from within your heart
    something that only you know , something that is best for him and you both.

    bless you 🙂

  11. Before ur hubby gets home from work, light up candles and place them all around ur bedroom. Place a set of candles in the center of the room arranged in the shape of a heart. U could place a cake u baked/ordered or whateva anniv gift u got for him inside the heart 🙂 If u cudnt thisnk of any good goft and havent got him anything…u can stand inside the heart and proclaim “U” are the gift 😀

  12. ok.. DECIDED!! I am painting a BART simpson T-shirt for him (he loves BART)…and buying a guitar..time permits I’ll make a video or video idea stands good for next occasion! :tap-dance: :dance-leftright:

  13. so many good ideas to choose from..but i would like to add my 2cents too…I am not married yet but if i were to choose a gift for my hubby- i would gift him a customized coupon which will have have “ME” as his prize…i would be his cook(surely if you are confident about your cooking skills,if not then order it from a restaurant which he like) and present him a menu containing all these on a beautifully decorated table and be sure to present yourself as beautifully as you can(i find it many men like the hostess who are as hot n delicious as the food 😉 ) and then i would offer him a spa(or a relaxing parlor treatment ) which i will do myself….may be you can use his favorite aromatic oils…his fav music and a romantic time with him….I am sure these ideas will be more appealing if you use them all :present: …

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