Best Anti Aging Oil Suggestions


Shally asks,

Plz suggest some natural oil that i can use throughout my life for anti aging…i am 24…and i tend to have fine lines and crows feet…plz…


best anti aging oil suggestions



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  1. I am adding 2-3 drops of almond oil in my regular moisturiser , mix well n apply it on face/neck in night. It makes my skin super soft in the morning :):)

  2. Hi,
    Actually the best, lifelong solution would be to include more oil/ghee in food you eat. If the oil is lacking in food, it shows on skin n hair – dry skin and dandruff in the hair. Just avoid the new bread of thin oils – Sunflower, saflower, soyabean etc. Thats about diet.
    For surface treatment, you can use almond oil, aloe vera gel [preferably fresh from plant] , and do wear sun glasses when going out.

  3. I can vouch for castor oil as it is a good way to beat age. Though it is thick, it will surely bring good results. Apply before sleep & don’t forget to cover your pillow as it may stain…..


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