Best Ayurvedic Hair Serums


Best Ayurvedic Hair Serums

There was a time when my hair was in a pathetic condition. It was frizzy, unmanageable and would break with the very thought of it. Thanks to the stress my hair had to go through both internally and externally. One day I was introduced to Arish hair serum by a friend. I won’t say that all my hair related problems are now gone, but since the day I am using it my hair condition has improved a lot.

As we all know that hair serum is a hair care solution which makes the hair shine and stops it from tangling. It protects the hair from the damages done by overexposure to the sun and other external factors. And when these amazing hair serums come with the goodness of Ayurveda, they become even better. So today I’ll be talking about best Ayurvedic hair serums that are worth every penny.

Arish Ayurvedic Aloe Vera Hair Serum

Arish hair serum

Active Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Jaba Phool, Methi.

Quantity and Price: INR 506 for 100ml

I am an ardent user of this serum. It controls my frizzes beautifully. It really helps in reducing the dryness and damage of hair. My hair becomes soft and manageable. It also adds shine to lifeless hair. Moreover I am fan of Aris products. It is one of the few brands which blend traditional, authentic and effective system of Ayurveda with modern scientific techniques that give you healthy beauty. Directions for Use: Apply on dry hair as required.

Shahnaz Hussain Hair Serum

sehnaz hair serum

Price– INR 835 for 50ml

Infused with natural extracts, this unique Hair Serum revitalizes the hair. This luxurious formula is specially created to strengthen each strand with vitality, enhance shine, softness and moisture and to leave hair luminous and smooth. It helps condition your hair whilst providing long lasting styles. Method of use of Shahnaz Hair Serum: Gently apply 4-5 drops of the serum on the hair after shampoo and let hair dry normally.

Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Fresh growth stimulating serum


Price– INR 185  for 120 ml

It contains extracts of Long Pepper, Glycyrrhiza and Euphorbia that have been traditionally used to strengthen hair roots. Does not make the hair greasy and can be applied morning and evening for maximum benefit. It refreshes the scalp and leaves it feeling vibrate, toned and stimulated. Mountain Ebony is a precious, magnificently flowering, hardwood tree that is prized for its stimulating and healing properties. Make sure you use this to get thicker hair, regular hair growth and to deal with hair fall issues. The ayurvedic formulation of this serum is very light and is free from toxins that soothes the scalp and eradicates the greasy look. Using this serum everyday will prevent hair fall and improve hair growth.

Keya Seth Aromatic Spa Conditioner Hair Serum

Keya seth hair serum

Price- INR 135 for 45 ml

Keya Seth is a popular name in every Bengali household. Thanks to her immense contribution to the world of Aurvedic beauty products.

This serum protects hair from damage due to the everyday menace of smoke, dust and exposure to environmental pollution. It contains various essential oils, e.g, lemon, orange, rose, lavender, cedar wood and geranium. It has the power to restore dry, rough, lack-lustre and damaged hair or hair damaged and made lifeless due to perming, colouring or artificial straightening over a long period of time.

Regular use of the serum brings back softness, shine, glow and health to damaged hair making it silky smooth. Depending on the length of the hair, this serum is to be applied on dry hair every day. Instantly your hair will have a beautiful shine. This serum can be used by those who cannot regularly wet their hair.

Aucocisco Naturals hair serum

Aucocisco Naturals hair serum

Nourishing oil infused with four herbs from the Ayurveda tradition. Shikakai, bhringraj, neem, amla, and aloe condition the scalp, strands, and ends of all hair types. Strengthens and thickens hair. Use this oil as a serum on dry ends, or as part of a scalp / whole head conditioning treatment. Also aids in softening and smoothing dry or damaged skin. Apply to ends of damp or dry hair after washing/bathing/co washing. Will help control frizz and define curls while adding nutrients and shine to the hair.

Have you used any of these best Ayurvedic hair serums?

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  1. The best I have ever used is the GKhair Serum. It instantly fights the hair frizz and flyaways. Creates a protective shield over each hair strand leaving a soft smooth finish. I am using it for the past 3 years, it did wonders on my dry and frizzy hair. Very effective against the SUN and heat styling especially the blow drying which leaves your hair damaged and ultimately prone to fall and break. The best cure to a soft smooth finish I can simply say this about this hair serum. Love it more than any other serum from another brand. 🙂 <3


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