Best Baby Care Products For Your Beauty Routine


Best Baby Care Products For Your Beauty Routine

Well, who doesn’t love the fragrance of baby skin care products. Most of these are multi-tasking. You can use them to take care of your own beauty needs as well. Baby care products are mild and quite suitable for sensitive skin. They are also cheaper substitutes to some commonly used beauty products. If you have a baby, you can save some money as well by sharing things with the little one. Try some of these Best Baby Care Products For Your Beauty Routine-

Baby oil


This oil is touted to be the best makeup remover by many. It is mild and non-greasy. Baby oil removes all traces of makeup while hydrating face lightly. It is definitely a good choice for your stash.

Baby Wipes

johnsons baby wipesYou can use them to remove makeup or just to remove grime from face. Baby wipes may not be able to remove waterproof mascara though. Using it on eyes may not be a good idea for everyone anyway. Besides removing light makeup, you can use baby wipes to freshen up your face when it turns dull in the course of the day. You can use them to clean hands when there is no water in sight. Baby wipes do not dry out the skin.

Baby Powder

Best Baby Care Products For Beauty Routine

The best thing is that good baby powders are talc free. The most popular usage of baby oil is to use it as a dry shampoo. I have also heard that women use it to set their makeup. Baby powder can also be used just like you use any of talc to keep skin dry and fresh.

Baby Shampoo

Most baby shampoos do not case an sting in eyes. If you have sensitive peepers, you can use it to wash hair. These shampoos are mild and make hair soft too. Another good use of baby shampoo is to use it to clean makeup brushes.

Baby Sunscreen

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Baby sunscreens come with high SPF but they are totally suitable for sensitive skin. You can use them on yourself. They are also non-greasy and hydrating.

Baby Lotion

Chicco-Baby-Moments-Body-Lotion-Review+chicco-polly (1)

These mildly scented lotions can be used to moisturise skin all over body. They can also be used on face as they are light enough, not to mention hydrating. You can also use baby lotions as mild cleansers.

Diaper Rash Cream

Baby Care Products For Your Beauty Routine

These creams have great healing properties so you can use them to heal your own irritated skin. These are good to be used on thigh rashes, light scars and cracked skin.

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  1. Hi, Good read. Indeed one can use baby products for sensitive skin as well. One of the best things I found was to use handmade soap which was unscented. Since there are no additives to it and very mild, it is a great thing to use for my bath routine.


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