Best Beauty Breakthroughs Of 2015


Best Beauty Breakthroughs Of 2015

Just like any other field, there are new researches in the field of beauty every year. The new products that come out make us realize what we were lacking all that time. The year about to end, 2015 was no different and it witnessed a lot of innovative beauty products. Here is what surprised us this year and we cannot wait to make them our own. Take a look at Best Beauty Breakthroughs Of 2015-

Hand Perfector

best beauty breakthroughs 2015

Move over BB creams for face, now here is a BB cream that promises to give you flawless hands. Jergens BB Hand Perfecting Cream not only moisturizes your skin but it also protects them from sun. It brightens hands and makes them look more attractive.

Pimple Treatment without blemishes

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This is a product that treats acne. Now you might think that what’s new then! Well, Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance Expert targets just acne and not the skin around it. This results in zero blemishes left after acne. No dryness, no irritation and freedom from acne.

Lower lash curler

best beauty innovations of 2015 (2)

I am not sure whether this one came in 2015 or before that but I came to know about it while working on this post and decided to share with you. Sephora has designed an eyelash curler that is meant to curl your lower lashes. It will definitely make applying mascara on lower lashes easier.

Mascara Serum

best innovative beauty breakthroughs of 2015

This just keeps getting better! It is possible that your mascara may turn dry and flaky by evening. This makes eyes look dull and lifeless. You have to give a try to Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection. It is a clear serum that renews your mascara. Now you can apply fresh coats of mascara for flirty lashes.

Indoor Sunscreen

best beauty breakthroughs

The fluorescent lights in our homes and offices emit UV rays and this can make skin age more quickly. Sunscreens with Iron Oxide can help in preventing these rays from harming your skin. Some tinted sunscreens like Avene High Protection Tinted Compact SPF 50 have iron oxide.

Help For Your Base

best innovative beauty products of 2015 (4)

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops are something that helps in making foundation look natural but they are neither a foundation nor a skin care product. These drops are basically pigments that you can buy to match your skin tone.

In morning we apply many skin care products and then follow up with a layer of foundation. All this can be too much and feel heavy. With these cover drops, you just have to mix a drop with your face product and apply on face. You get benefits of skin care and the coverage of a foundation.

Wrinkle Eraser

beauty breakthroughs of 2015

This is a patch that reduces the appearance of wrinkles overnight. Rodan + Fields Acute Care Patches can be applied on the wrinkle and left overnight. It plumps up your skin and in the morning you will see the prominence of wrinkles reduced. The result lasts whole day. You can use them for a longer period of time for long lasting results.

Do you know any more Beauty Breakthroughs Of 2015?

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