Best Beauty Hacks For Busy Women


Best Beauty Hacks For Busy Women

Working women are the most common type found these days thanks to women empowerment. I sincerely feel proud of myself as I am educated, employed and I have attained myself a position of respect in the society we live in. However, the aspect of beauty goes for a toss in this busy life specially when we have to take care of household chores alongside work. Both are equally important and a trade off becomes really impossible.

beauty tips for busy mom

Hats off to those who are able to maintain themselves well and are totally beauty conscious. I, personally face a lot of challenge in saving those 15 minutes to get ready as I would want to. I am sharing today some beauty hacks which might save you a few minutes and help you look in tandem to the society of pretty working women!

For Puffy eyes

green tea bags for dark circles

With office or with kids, we barely get time to have a beauty sleep which leads to dark circles or puffy eyes which are a sure turn down. To avoid getting it, one should obviously try for a better sleep regime, but if it’s still impossible, I would give you a magic! Yes real magic that works wonders. Apply your concealer in triangular way under your eye instead of a dab under your eye using your fingers. Just apply and blend it in and then put some translucent powder over the concealer under your eye. Feel the magic!!

For Fading lip color

colorbar orange vif lipswatches

Often your lip color goes for a toss in the middle of the day and you find it odd or awkward to replenish it every now and then. Or maybe you are too busy to pep it up again. To ensure it stays with you longer and you can do without replenishing it at an odd hour. Just follow these simple steps that do not take longer but help your lipstick stay longer. Just after putting on your lipstick just stick a normal tissue paper on your lips for a while. Now dab on a little powder, just about sprinkle and cover your lips. Now remove the tissue and you are done! Easy isn’t it?

This simple way will make your lip color stay on longer and will at least ensure the matte effect to stay longer even if the gloss gives away.

For messy hair

top twist messy bun

Sometimes we are just too short of time that there is no time to do your hair. If you have curly hair, there is even more issue with the entangled hair. What could be done to solute this? Well there are a few hair styles that can act as savior for you as these take lesser time and are stylish at the same time.

Making messy hair buns for your curly or short hair takes lesser time and is a definite in thing. Team them with any formal or semi-formal or casual attire and you are sorted!

If we are busy, we know what it takes to be complete in all senses. Looks matter a lot and if we do not keep ourselves updated with the trends, we lose our confidence and are often stranded on what to carry where and so on. We are meant to be the creation of God as the epitome of beauty, then why not use these simple hacks to simplify things for us!

Hope you like these hacks!

Have you tried any of these makeup hacks for busy women?

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