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Sapna asks,

As an avid user of ayurvedic products, I’d like to know which ‘Biotique’ products actually deliver results…  Which ones are ‘DUDS’ and which ones are ‘STUDS’ ?

Thanks Ladies



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  1. Studs: Green Apple shampoo, Morning Nector moisturizer, soaps.
    Duds: eye gel and cream.
    These are the ones from my experience. However, I have heard good things about their TM also. i will buy it in winters

  2. Sorry Shiva the name is not seakelp.. its called biokelp… I know it got a lot of bad reviews.. i have dry hair and normal scalp.. it was a wonder product for me.. it stopped my hairfall twice…great for the summers as it is very refreshing and cool.. Dont fall for the kelp hype.. It does not mention either SLS or SLES like other Biotique shampoos.. mentions only ritha… But definitely has an unnamed foaming agent and preservatives.. its one of my favorite shampoos… i have finished about 4 bottles..

  3. Fruit pack, papaya scrub, chlorophyll gel, pistachio pack (for dry/mature skin), green apple shampoo (wish it had a stronger apple fragrance 😛 ), cucumber freshener (kinda good)

  4. I love the following: clove pack, walnut scrub, fruit pack, shampoos and body lotions, tinted moisturiser (i use it in combination with my foundation), cucumber face toner, under eye cream (almond)

    WHat doesn’t work for me: Their creams are too heavy on my oily skin. The sunscreens though wonderful to feel and touch are not as effective as Neutrogena – have personally experienced this!

  5. Hi,

    I have been using Biotique for last 6 years (I am 26 now)…. I am very satisfied… I am also a patient of allergic rhinitis so prefer products wit Zero to mild smell & I prefer herbal all the way

    Products I liked:
    1. Bio Honey Gel Face Wash – Soft and gentle
    2. Bio Morning Nector – Awesome for all seasons
    3. Bio Berry Plumping Lip Balm – Decent soft pink color balm & stays long
    3. Shampoos – Bio Soya Protein, Bio Walnut Bark & Bio Kelp (I have curly n frizzy hair)
    4. Bio Saffron Dew – Strictly for winter use (works better as a night repair cream, oily for day use)

    Products that are average, but do-able:
    1. Walnut scrub – just fine for a quick scrub, no magical results
    2. Bio Fruit Lip balm – more lik a deep orange lip color than a balm

    Products that I tried but didnt like:
    1. Bio Pineapple facewash (left my face little dry and flaky, may suit oily skin)
    2. Bio Cucumber toner – just like normal rose water, felt sticky after applying on face
    3. Bio Quince Seed Massage Cream – HORRIBLE.. smells lik a men’s shaving cream & hard lik rock. I finished it using as a foot cream
    4. Bio Kajal – Spreads a lot, can itch sometimes
    5. Bio Coconut Whitening Cream – U will feel like u r using a white paste like fair & lovely..Absolute NO
    6. Bio Fruit Whitening Face Pack – Very thick Multani Mitti pack with burning sensation. Better to make at home

  6. I love Biotique!! For ur info, I have dry skin.
    1. Honey Gel Face Wash – love its smell, its less harsh compared to others….
    2. Honey Water Freshener – Like the fact that it does not have alcoholic content.
    3. Morning Dew Moisturiser – nice one….
    4. Carrot Sunscreen – not sure if its a sunscreen or sunblock, sorry…. I like its texture, like a moisturiser cum sunscreen. though not very sure about its sun-screening capabilities.

  7. oh i forgot………i looove their tinted moisturiser, its a gem of a product… the fact that the tint is derived from a natural source(think its beetroot)…

  8. i share a hate n love relationship with biotique..

    Products i love – Bio milk face pack, bio fruit face pack, bio aloe vera spf 30 lip balm (a little candy smelling though), Bio carrot spf 40 sunscreen

    Products that i hate – bio cucumber toner, bio pineapple face wash

    Heard good reviews abt bio pistachio face pack too…

  9. hI!…i underwent thru a rebonding process on Jan 2012. So , it’d been sum seven months nw since d rebonding is done. the natural growth i have is curly n frizzy . lately i’m suffering frm an itchy scalp and dandruff (may b it is all bcuz of monsoon season)…can u tell me if a biotique shampoo will suit me and if yes then which one….i have also heard a lot apout biotique green apple shampoo bt it is fr oily hairs…mine r frizzy n dry…please suggest me

  10. Hi.. after reading this reviews i got a confidence that biotique can definitely cure me .. i got oily skin hvng pimples nd it made a pores/hole n my skin surface..can anyone suggest me a facewash nd othr thngs for my skin.. frm d abve reviews i got an idea tat pineapple face cleaner works wel for my skin..please suggest any biotique prdt to make my skin plain wit 😥 out pores…

  11. Hey, am luking for a biotique product wich may work as a anti tan pack for me but have not found much review on that can any body please suggests what am i suppose buy as i have super sensitive skin

  12. Recently I used biotique coconut cream nothing works as it claims and it filled my forehead with pimples …..I’am having combination skin………


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